Birmingham: exchange student

This is a plea for help, it goes out to all UK curlies who might know where I can buy CG haur products in England. Preferably in Birmingham, but since I'm planning to travel around a bit it can also be anywhere else

I will be staying for 6 months and can't carry all my products with me... could you give me name of the stores where you buy your stuff? Between worrying about finding a job, an appartment and getting reasonable grades, i've spent the last 2 nights having nightmares about bad hair days and horrible products that won't work on my hair... Crazy I know! Haha

I currently use: KCKT, KCCC, and the sheamoisture deep conditioners (practically all of them!) any ideas where i could get these in the UK?

TIA (i'm hoping this means "thanks in advance")
Mostly mail order I'm afraid -
1. curlyemporium website*
2. beautybyzara website

beautybyzara actually have a physical shop, Zara Hair & Cosmetics, but it's in SE London (nearest tube station is Elephant and Castle) In addition some of their products are sold through Amazon.

There are cheaper products you can try. Go the British curlies website and look at their forum. One of the threads is on high street products that are GC.

*Google them

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