While searching for a good shop in Berlin, because I am going to stay there over the weekend, I found this:

Tangerine Curl Balm | Leave-in & Spezialpflege | Less is More | ZEITWUNDER Online Shop

The less is more line. Seems like they could be CG prooved, right? A little bit expensive, but maybe worth a try..?
2c/3a curls
low porosity, medium/high density, medium width (as far as I see now )
CG since March 2014

Still searching for the best products!

Routine now:

Cleanse/shampoo with YTC Nourishing Shampoo
Cleanse with SM Yucca Baobab Conditioner/Rainforest Moisture Conditioner
YTC Pampering Conditioner/Loreal Everpure Moisture RO or LI
For styling I use any Eco styler gel (do not like the Argan oil that much)
For DC I mix SM Condi+Honey+Olive Oil