Austrian curlies - help!


I'm new to Vienna, Austria and I am a big fan of Devachan (I lived in NYC for the past 8 years). I brought a lot of the No-Poo and One Condition with me, but I'm looking for new hair gel! My normal gel is Herbal Essences Set Me Up, but that doesn't exist here (even though Herbal Essences does). I'm looking for recommendations that are reasonably priced (not Devachan prices, please!), and follow the normal rules, no sulfates/parabens/"-ones." I'd like to purchase these items in a store, but if there is a good website that I don't know about, I'd like to know! I've already searched through Bipa and DM, but their gel selection is very small and geared towards men. I don't mind using a men's gel, it's just that it doesn't smell as good :/

Also looking for recommendations for no-poos and conditioners. It looks like The Body Shop follows all the rules for their cleansers, so I might try them out. Please give me recommendations!
Hey! Welcome to Vienna! I'm the opposite: I've lived in Vienna all my life, but only started curly girl in February/January

Products that I've tried:
inecto Spülung (=conditioner) you can get at Bipa and Müller and maybe dm as well. It has good slip, but I for one need soo much of it, but I love it. I am torn.

I have thick hair and I like the bigood hair oil (apricot scented)

I've found a gel without alcohol at Müller today, it's by GARD. Never heard of this brand before today.

As for stylists, I have heard of Alexander Berger, who apparently does "curlsys" technique for cutting, but I have no experience with him.
I cut my hair myself or have it cut from that guy: Verein
I donated half a meter of my hair last year and have been going to him for touch ups.

Have you found anything in the past months?


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