Any salons in Manchester/Greater Manchester...

I'm taking a chance posting this here cos i know it doesn't get alot of traffic but it's the best chance of getting some local curlies . I'm in desperate need of a curly hair specialist and im not sure where to start looking. If anyone in this area knows a good salon please get back to me and i'll love u 4ever!!! (dont let that put u off)
Toots x

there was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead & when she was good she was very very good but when she was bad she was HORRID!
hey! I dunno f they r particularly good with curly hair but Razors egde is good. There is one near Deansgate and another near Oxford road I think.

In Manchester you are always getting asked to do hair modelling and stuff anyway when you are on the street so you cna often get cheap deals!

KEEP AWAY from toni and guy though. They don't seem to care about what your hair is like and just cut it to be trendy. My friends have had many disasters there! For instance one wanted her hair thinning so they shaved the underside of her head!

Saks is also good, I think there is one n Manchester but if not they abhev one in Oldham and one in Ashton.

o and Nicky Clarke. I'm guessing they must be pretty good with curls.

Hope I have been of some help at least
Toots x

there was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead & when she was good she was very very good but when she was bad she was HORRID!
Hiya tootles! Thanks for replyin. Im glad u said about Toni & Guy , I was thinking about goin there. I know theres a salon in moss side called "top curls hairdressing" and another one with curl in it somewhere but im not sure if that bit's relevant and I was thinkin about checkin an afro stylist coz they'd know more about curls, my friend goes to one in long sight but she just gets braids and stuff done. This is kinda new to me coz i usually go to the hairdressers with my sister & mum but they cut my hair like its straight, using a fine tooth and whatnot, so i leave depressed lol & it must be really damaging too. so i just duno where to start and what to ask ect... .. so thanks for ur help!

btw i've seen ur pictures and i get why ur asked to do modelling! I think i actually saw u in a hair magazine..?
You could try Kinky Afro they are in Chorlton. They are reasonably priced.

Also Nicky Oliver who are in the city centre. They are expensive.

Both these salons have stylists who do a variety of hair ie any racial group.

I don't live in Manchester anymore so I can't actually recommend stylists in the salons.
Thanks olly, do u know if kinky afro do normal curly hair (as in not afro hair) coz my hairs about 2c/3a and do u think they'd understand the cg routine I've just started... they're just a couple things im paranoid about
Best thing to do is go and talk to the owners. One is a black lady and the other is a white lady. Try and do this mid week though as they are booked at least 3 weeks ahead on fri/weekends.

Apart from a person who ended up being a good friend in Iceland, they are a couple of the only good hairdressers I had who I could talk about things like hair dye etc with, and didn't have a fit about me dying my hair myself.

Both hairdressers I have recommended have price lists for all sorts of hair and cuts which clearly indicates they deal with all sorts of hair, and I have seen different coloured clients in their salons.
would it be best to call and book (i found their number) or just go there?
sorry bout all the Q's

thank u both for all the help!
I used to go to the Academy as a Demo Model, and Michelle from the Deansgate salon usually cut it and she was really good!! But then like all places it depends on who you have!!
Rache what Deansgate salon do u mean?
ty- I didn't even think I'd get a reply to this
I thinks it by Bella Pasta, she works at that one but also teaches at the academy. You could also try the academy its off Albert Square, if you go down between the Slug and lettuce, and Cafe Uno past a small Pret a Manger it'll be on the left.
The number for the academy is 0161 8328282. You can book in as a demo model which is a cut and colour (either classic: standard haircuts or advanced ; the fashion stuff) by the instructors who are usually art directors and so on, or by one of their trainees/ students who are often already qualified hairdressers learning new techniques or freshening up their skills (this costs about a tenner. colour is about 15). The onle thing is the academy os only open in theweek and the demos uausally take place on a monday and tuesday morning.
Just had my curly hair cut at Debs Hair Studio in Irlam. Debbie also cut my colleague's curly hair, and made us both look fantastic. The address is Bank Studios, Cadishead, Manchester, M44 5BG and her phone number is 07739 975 242. She has over 22 years experience as a hair stylist and just set up her own studio this year. Cut and blowdry is an incredibly cheap 30!
NICKY OLIVER IN MANCHESTER IS THE BEST!! they've been on oldham street in the Northern Quarter Manchester city centre over 26 years!! Very good reputation. I only have ever trusted them with my hair

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