Curl friendly hairdressers in Scotland

I have amazing news, I've found a brilliant curly hairdresser in Glasgow! Elaine at Alan Edwards salon in Merchany City - she's seriously curly herself she's one of the salon owners and has won Scottish Hairdresser of the Year. I went today after a year of hairdresser avoidance and for the first time in my life left a salon delighted with my hair. I wanted to cry I was so happy when I saw it, it was so dry and straggly before and she has made it gorgeous. I've never been to the same hairdresser twice because they've never known what to do with my hair, but I've finally found a hairdresser I can trust. Recommend Elaine 100%.
This is the website - Alan Edwards Salon
You can see in the photos of the art team how curly Elaine's hair is!
I know my review might seem over the top but I'm honestly so happy someone has fixed my hair!
I found this thread when I did a search for "curly haircut glasgow," so I'm bumping it up for others like myself.

Also, wanted to second the recommendations for James Dun on Hanover Street. Got a haircut there last night and my hair is fantastic. I love it. He knows how to make curly hair modern and flattering and will pay attention to your actual kind of curls. Plus it's all luxurious at the salon--I got a free manicure while I waited!

I've heard good things about Elaine from Alan Edwards, but I went to the Giffnock branch of Alan Edwards and got a terrible haircut from someone who was supposedly a "curl specialist." So if you go to Alan Edwards, stick to Elaine.

But really, go to James Dun. I think you're in good hands with any stylist, and I would definitely recommend Colin.
I am a curly in Glasgow and jumped around quite a bit before finding a place I liked. The Alan Edwards Salon in Glasgow City Centre was listed on Yelp as a good salon for curlies. The hair stylist I use there was great when I had longer curly hair but I'm not that happy with the short curly bob she gave me recently.

This could also not be her fault, but maybe just my hair acting up. Either way I'm thinking about trying James Dun's House based on a recommendation from a friend as well as a post in this thread. I heard it's pricey so might have to wait until I REALLY need a hair cut!!

I noticed that Belle and Blackley state that they do a dry cut on curly hair... I wondered if anyone has used them?
2c/3a/3b, Fine, High P, Low-Med D
Low P: Dr Organics Aloe Vera Poo
Rinse Out: Dr Organics Aloe Vera Cond
LI: Alberto Balsom Cond or A'kin LI
Pre P: CO
Deep Cond: A'kin or Andrew Barton SOS
Stylers: Boots Curl Creme and Umberto Giannini Scrunching Jelly
Sorry should have said Belle and Blackley are in Glasgow.
2c/3a/3b, Fine, High P, Low-Med D
Low P: Dr Organics Aloe Vera Poo
Rinse Out: Dr Organics Aloe Vera Cond
LI: Alberto Balsom Cond or A'kin LI
Pre P: CO
Deep Cond: A'kin or Andrew Barton SOS
Stylers: Boots Curl Creme and Umberto Giannini Scrunching Jelly
Hi ladies, thanks for all your advice here.

I had decided to give Elaine a go, but I am struggling a little with the £72 price tag. I called the salon and they recommended some other stylists and senior stylists who would cost between £36 and £60 and I wondered whether any of you had tried anyone other than Elaine and could give a recommendation. The receptionist mentioned Elle (L2), Charlie (L2), Erin (Senior Stylist L?) and Jasmine (L2) so I would love to hear your experience with one of them or with any other stylists.

Alternatively, who have people seen at James Duns House and how was that?

I've been looking for a good hairdresser who understands curly hair for ever!

I've found one.

Stephen Hunter in East Kilbride.

Now had 2 brilliant haircuts from him that also
grew out really nice.

I've been all over, Rainbow Room/Rita Rusk/Vidal Sassoon.

I'd been wanting an inverted bob - so many failures!

Stephen does it brilliantly with a razor!

Highly recommend you try him out.

I don't know how to add a photo or I would.
Just bumping this thread again.
I am a newly discovered wavy/curly and live in Scottish Highlands and would be prepared to travel a bit!

Has anyone been to Boosh in Edinburgh recently? or anywhere else in Edinburgh? Or even near perth or Inverness, that are curl friendly?

thanks in advance
I've recently moved to Inverness and I'm looking for a hairdresser who understands curly hair and won't leave me with a triangular head (like the previous salon I visited here!). Any suggestions?
Rachy 24

Just wondering if you've found anyone to cut curly hair around Inverness.
I haven't and have resorted to the internet, you tube and my CG book and have started to trim my own hair, also would love a style but do not want to go back to the hairdresser I went to before. (A total CG No- No, wet cut, hacked at with comb, diffuser dry, that left me looking like a sixties bouffant reject, really frizzy, and no curl definition at a lll. Lovely and not cheap, but I was stupid , paid and didn't say anything. )

So I am doing the pony tail cut to put in some long layers and trimming off bits that look split/fluffy/dry.
So far ok, ish! Oh I am also using Esalon for home colouring and they are great!!!
Although I am sort of thinking about maybe going all naturalish and hennaising(!)
Thats for another time though I think need to let my hair get over the shock of my cut/trim.
Well, I am soo pleased to report that I have finally found a terrific hairdresser that has curly hair and really understands it !

It is Sassoon in Edinburgh ask for Gareth or explain you have curly hair and they will do the rest.
He really listened and has cut my hair beautifully, didn't do a dry cut but actually it didn't matter as everything else was CG friendly. I have also come out with curlier hair than I thought I had, and am now willing to travel here ( 200 plus miles) for a hair do. Never Again rubbishy pouffy hair. No more frizz.

I am one happy curly girl
Thank you again Sassoon Salon and Gareth especially.
What a relief! I've found a new curly hairdresser in Edinburgh at Snip and Sip located in Summerhall. Magda is a great hairdresser and very lovely! She listens, makes suggestions, but works with you to give you the cut and style you want. Magda cuts it wet and dry, which is the proper way to do it to take into account shape and bounce. Cannot recommend her highly enough!! So happy to have found her
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