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maisiemugwump 07-24-2008 01:29 PM

Curl friendly hairdressers in Scotland
Hi I am new to the forum and after years of staightening my curly hair have decided to go natural. I am desperately looking for a hairdresser who understands curly hair in the Glasgow area.

echolot 09-22-2008 02:46 AM

Hi, I can't help m'fraid, but I'd be interested if anyone else could! I normally cut my own hair or get my mum to do, and have been doing so for years as I've felt going to a hair dresser is a waste of money when they don't know what they're doing, but I'd love to get my hair styled properly by someone who actually understands curls. So any advice would be appreciated!

KATZGONS 01-24-2009 06:21 AM

am headed for a haircut scared as the point of haircuts have always been quiet tragic..
will definitely inform on how it went

KATZGONS 01-25-2009 05:10 PM

I headed to this salon called Fusco's, which on Cambridge street, Glasgow. I got a haircut done out there. Well, the haircut is in the form of a curly bob, but the experience involved me keeping a close eye on the hairdresser's every move.

I washed my hair and only left in leave-in conditioner. I decided on going in for a dry-cut, which involves them spraying water onto my hair. My hair was really long and she began to section it. My instructions were keep my hair short behind and long in front. She started cutting from the back of my head and I really couldn't see how short she was cutting it. When she got to the side, I saw the length and freaked out a bit. so as she got to the fron tof my head, I asked her how long my hair would be. She took the comb and pulled through my hair till my jaw: not taking into account that my hair curls...I told her it had to be longer...from then on it was alright, although she decided to use silicon-based gel on my hair...but i like the haircut but I must say, I had to keep an eye on whatever was goin on.

maisiemugwump 01-26-2009 04:09 PM

Hairdressers in Scotland
Hi there I am so glad your haircut went well. I had a wet cut as well and oh my god she butchered my hair.:sad6: I asked for about two inches off all over and I swear I think she just cut random bits of hair. Anyway I have thick hair thank god so I can hide it a bit till it grows back. However, I am back to the drawing board looking for a decent stylist who understands curly hair. I mean how hard can that be as far as I can tell BLOODY IMPOSSIBLE.

KATZGONS 01-27-2009 05:53 AM

yea...i wanted to ask the hairstylist for her contact info so that I could email this website's link to it...She did mention her name to me and said she would give me her card, but she didn't do that...So yea...

aerohead 01-28-2009 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by echolot (Post 729408)
Hi, I can't help m'fraid, but I'd be interested if anyone else could! I normally cut my own hair or get my mum to do, and have been doing so for years as I've felt going to a hair dresser is a waste of money when they don't know what they're doing, but I'd love to get my hair styled properly by someone who actually understands curls. So any advice would be appreciated!

hi there, can i do you cut your hair?

echolot 02-03-2009 05:31 AM


Originally Posted by aerohead (Post 859860)
hi there, can i do you cut your hair?

Hehe, I tend to just butcher it! The way my hair sits, it doesn't matter if it's uneven. I just take scissors to it when I'm out of the shower. I'm really bored of it at the moment though, and think I'm going to take a chance on a hairdresser.

If you search, you'll probably find some advice on cutting your own curls on here though. I think the CG book has a chapter on it, so I'm sure there'll be some advice on how to do it properly!

miralaluna 03-02-2009 01:27 PM

I'd love to find a curl-friendly hairdresser in the Glasgow/Ayrshire area, too. I've never actually seen a hairdresser with curly hair. They usually have bottle-blonde, poker straight hair. I go in feeling like a mutant or something.

maisiemugwump 03-02-2009 03:24 PM

Curl friendly hairdresser Scotland
Hi there if you find an understanding half decent hairdresser in Ayrshire I think I might die with excitement lol. Am going to the hairdressers on Thursday. I have since found out that the girl who massacred my hair last time has since left. I have opted for a "proper" cut and blow dry with another girl who has cut my hair in the past and am toying with the idea of the infamous "curly bob". Wish me luck and as I said if you find the lesser spotted curly hairdresser give me a holler.

Advah 04-26-2009 01:45 PM

Hi folks,

I've been a lurker for a little while (took the CG step almost two months ago) but when I saw this thread, I thought I'd stop by and see if I can help. :)

It's not Glasgow, but I tried a few hairdressers in Edinburgh (I'm a 3a - I think).

Hot Head (off Nicolson St, in the Old Town) is the only curly-hair salon in Edinburgh. I got my hair cut there once; the lady was lovely and very friendly, and she did cut my hair well so I had really bouncy curls. HOWEVER, she didn't really do what I asked (my friend had the same experience with a different hairdresser there) and even tried to give me a mullet! I had to go back to get the cut corrected - it was great for about 4 months but didn't grow out in a manageable way at all. I wouldn't recommend going there. :(

Boosh (in Cowgate, Old Town) isn't for curly hair, but the owner, Mary, is fantastic. I got a curly bob there about two months ago, and I'm really pleased with the result! She really looked at my hair before washing it to check curls and length, and it looks great! If you guys end up in Edinburgh one day, I really recommend going there. I paid about £35-£39 for the cut, which isn't too bad.

Hope it helps!

CurlyMaria 07-30-2009 02:48 PM

I love White Hollow in Edinburgh, it's on St John's Road in Corstorphine. The last three cuts I've had there have been great for my hair when I wear it curly and when I wear it straight. Never had a good haircut on the west coast though unfortunately, wasn't until I got old enough to drive and went east that I finally figured out it's not normal for hairdressers to just ignore what you tell them!

Also does anyone know if there are any salons offering BKT, or any of the other straightening/conditioning treatments in Scotland?

KATZGONS 08-06-2009 03:45 PM

oh, i got my haircut at james dunn's house lifestyle salon in Glasgow...absolutely fab!!!
the guy looked at my hair, played with it n said aloud 'lovely texture'...
highly recommend it...think his names was duncan

lilscotslass 02-14-2010 09:43 AM

agree with james dunn house!
Thought it was time to bring this forum back :)

I went to JDH in October to get my hair done. It was the best cut I've ever had.

The hairdresser listened properly to what I do to my hair - wash and leave the heck alone and leave the house 5 mins later - and made sure I wouldn't have to spend ages on it. Ended up with a nice short in back long in front cut.

They do try to sell the Aveda products while you're there but are not too pushy.

I'm going back this weekend to get my hair done by the same guy - Keith. Will post if anything drastically bad or good happens to the curls!

Kris Kurl 05-25-2010 11:33 AM

I recommend Boosh too!
Following Advah's post above, I thought I'd try Boosh in Edinburgh's Cowgate. I also read some other reviews (not specifically for curls) and there were lots of positive posts about the place, saying people got tea and biscuits and the staff were very friendly.

When I booked, I said I had curls, and the person on the phone said Mary was the person to see, and she had a cancellation later in the week. Luckily I could make it – other reviewers say she is very popular, so if you want to see Mary you might have to wait.

Mary understands curly hair, and she listens! She sat me down and looked at how my hair grows before someone else washed it. She made some helpful suggestions about how to cut out a lot of the bulk. She gave me a cut with long layers, and didn’t cut too much off. Mary suggested a shorter look, but she could understand how long to takes to grow curly hair so you can see the length. We agreed that we’d start off longer, because if I wanted to I could have more cut off another time.

Mary also showed me a neat trick of twisting lengths of damp hair, which then dry into ringlets. My hair was then dried under a heater, and finished off with a diffuser dryer because it was still damp.

Because of the consultation and the drying, I was in there for 2 hours in the end, but wasn’t charged extra for the time it took – it was £40, which for a city centre salon isn’t bad at all IMO.

The tea and biscuits mentioned by other reviewers were true, and all Mary’s staff are very friendly.

Since I washed my hair myself, I can feel the bulk has been cut out, and it now falls nicely enough to wear loose, whereas before I always felt the back looked a mess.

ural0000 06-16-2010 02:29 PM

My hairdresser, Craig, at Bohemia in Pollokshaws Road has so far never made a mess of my hair and professes to liking cutting curly hair.
Maybe Glasgow isn't a total write-off after all :)

virgocurls 10-20-2010 05:37 PM

Oh I'm so happy to have found this thread! I'm in Ayrshire but think I might journey to Edinburgh to try this amazing Mary who gets such good reviews.
I only get my hair cut once or twice a year, at my mums insistence (havent lived at home for years, but she still nags about my hair...) and its always traumatic, and a waste of money.
I never feel 100% happy with how my hair sits though, and would love to find a hairdresser I could trust anywhere in Scotland.

Advah 11-10-2010 05:10 PM

Kris Kurl - so happy to hear you had a good experience too! :D

I was looking in the forum to see if anyone had other hairdressers to recommend in town - I stupidly cancelled my appointment at Boosh last month because I had no money, and now I need a haircut REALLY badly and Mary's all booked until late December.

I'm almost tempted to try another hairdresser I was recommended a few times - Colin, at Medusa. Has any curly lady been there? I heard amazing things but he recently cut my friend's hair (super thick and wavy) and did 2 layers! Now I'm panicking I might end up with a triangle cut.. :/ (err, and the place is expensive too)

If anyone has any advice..

julieb42 01-19-2011 06:21 PM

I know this thread is old, but I'm an American spending the semester as a visiting student at the University of Edinburgh and I wanted to say thanks for the Boosh recommendation and to say a little about it in case there are any other curly-headed people trying to find a good haircut in Scotland ;)

I called and tried to make an appointment with Mary, but apparently she's on vacation all January and booked solid until March. Since I've needed a haircut for about two months already I decided to take a chance with one of their other stylists, Jill, and the woman on the phone assured me Jill was more than capable and has been cutting hair for thirteen years. The salon is small, and when I went mostly empty, but modern and comfortable. The people who worked there were incredibly friendly and courteous, asked me if I wanted tea or coffee, and served my tea with two chocolates - having never been offered food at a hair appointment before I was quite pleased. The atmosphere is fairly relaxed, a little girl (maybe 2 years old) who I assume must belong to one of the stylists was wandering around the salon, looking very cute but not getting in anyone's way. Jill listened attentively to me describing what I wanted, and double checked that she had understood what I meant - great. Another woman shampooed and conditioned my hair, then Jill cut my hair wet. I've had dry cuts in the past but I actually think this turned out better. She first evened up my hair and fixed the layers where I'd botched them with kitchen scissors every once in a while, already a huge improvement, then cut my bangs at an angle so they fall into each other properly (another big improvement) and put some product in my hair. She showed me how to twist my curls a bit to get them to dry nicely, and put me under a heater. I don't like to talk during haircuts, I'd rather focus on what's being done to my hair, and was glad to see Jill was doing the same. She seemed to me to be familiar and comfortable with cutting curly hair and in my opinion did a great job. I payed about £30 ($45) for the cut, which seems reasonable to me considering I've paid upwards of $70 other places, and another £10 for a bottle of Tigi product. I'll update you if I take a shower tomorrow and it looks terrible, but right now I'm very happy and would definitely recommend this salon :)

Kris Kurl 01-28-2011 05:50 PM

I just noticed the replies from satisfied Boosh customers! I'm so glad everyone liked it there. I have been three times now. (I don't get my hair cut very often.) The last time, before Christmas, Mary was completely booked up, and they offered me Jade, who is part-time. She was described as a "mini-Mary", and was trained by Mary. I was happy with the cut she gave me too. Mary was in the salon and finished me off after I'd been under the drying lamps. I was not charged quite as much for Jade as for Mary.

When I first went, I told Mary she has fans on the internet, and that's how I found her. I can now tell her I have passed on the good news.:)

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