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What is the pixie curl method of drying? I tried clipping and it did give more root curl but the pulled curls out when I removed them! still need practice. I'm thinking that drying with a toothy alice band puching hair forward may work, gonna try that today.

Still flat curls with CG, but I'm gonna persevere for bit longer.

Janey liz, are these pruducts available in UK? are the recipes on these boards?

Thanks for all the help
Yup. With the exception of Jessicurl Too Shea, everything I use (or is listed in my signature) is available in the UK - I got fed up with high postage costs and import duty.

Pixiecurl - if you do a search you'll find the posts, but it's more or less using a diffuser by placing a section of hair in your diffuser bowl, switching the dryer on and keeping it very still while you dry - I press it close to my head - then switching it off before you move the dryer away from your head. You get better curls and less frizz that way as your hair isn't being blown around.

The technique is named after one of the board members who perfected this as part of her routine.
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Thanks for that, I'm still getting the hang of all the ideas, I always thought a difusser had one way to use it!

I'm now a 4 washes into -cones and sulfates free, my curl seems to be recovering a bit but is now bit frizzy, I'm feeling the effects of no serum i think.

I bought some Laura Galvin deep conditioner that boasts being -cone, sulfate, PEG, paraben and mineral oil free. Has anyone used it? I'm trying applying a tiny bit to soaking wet hair before I sqeeze of excess water as a leave in condtioner in place of serum, any hints/tips?

i tried the pink boots creme, it seems good but i think I didn't put on enough after heeding advice on here to use sparingly, does it also work if you also use it on dry hair to combat frizz? Is anything better?
I meant Louise Galvin! didn't realise my spelling was so bad either!
James Brown silicone free serum - anyone used it?
UK based curly bonce! (Lancs)
silicone, or not to silicone - that is the question!!!

CG - australian organics (Holland and Barratt) poo & condish, Louise Galvin Deep condish treatment, boots pink curl creme
non CG - Umberto Gianni pink range, L'Oreal Studio Line Curl Power Controlling Creme
Still searching for the winning combination!!!
I am confused though, I've been using Original Source for a few months but I was buying a new bottle of the mint and teatree and looked at the label and it lists methylisothiazolinone and methylchoroisothiazolinone, yikes! That wasn't in there before I'm sure.
Originally Posted by PhoenixRising
Those aren't cones, they're preservatives.
Right, CG-compatible things I've come across so far:

  • Naked Rescue/Care/Detox (all low-poo/sulphate free and w/out 'cones); other Naked shampoos contain water-soluble PPG/PEG 'cones
  • Original Source White Pear & Avocado/ Almond & Coconut/ Peppermint & Tea Tree
  • Asda Essential Care Coconut & Tiare Flower/ Mango & Passionfruit
  • Tesco Coconut
janeyliz - just to say thank you for letting me know your routine and recipe. I've been away so sorry for the lack of thanks earlier.

I'm really struggling with my hair now after having it cut and moving to the big bad city of London. I'll have to update myself on a few things with this site and try and get it better - your post gave me hope!
Quick update: tried Naked Care shampoo/conditioner this morning... completely in love with the neroli/orange flower smell!
I meant Louise Galvin! didn't realise my spelling was so bad either!
Originally Posted by hahgiwoofa

I do use that DT, which I bought at tesco on discount :P, and i absolutely love it! I love the fresh sort of orangey scent and it makes my hair soft and shiny. I also have the naked nourishing vitamins (or something) DT, it's also quite good but the scent is not as wonderful as Galvin's

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I just posted a very positive review about the Aloe Conditioner:

At your local Holland and Barrett.

haha, was just gonna add DrOrganics but I see you got there first twistedcoil . But I will definately add my recommendations for this brand.
Also, I jsut found this range from a UK curly.
Tara Smith - so far only seen some conditioners and shampoo's but all seem cg friendly.
Havent tried them yet though so cant comment on how good they are. Just trying to add to the cg UK list!
Is there anyway of updating the very first post in this thread, so that we can just have a long list of all the products mentioned so far, all together?
nz cg
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co-wash: ???
rinse-out: ????
HG combo: Boots curl cream, BB's fsg
Hi everyone - newbie here!

Been lurking for a few weeks and have picked up loads and loads of tips from everyone about UK CG friendly products (for which I'm very grateful and which have really made a difference to my hair) but I'm struggling to find a leave-in conditioner that suits my hair, and wondered if anyone could recommend one?

I've got fairly long, medium fine 2A/B hair, naturally prone to being flyaway and frizzy but my problem is, any leave-in conditioner I've tried so far (even very small amounts) defines the curls but tends to leave it lank, heavy, dull and pretty uninspiring...but not putting on any at all means it's shiny and bouncier but very flyaway. Help!

I've recently been trying homemade protein treatments, I've switched to drying it with a t-shirt (I haven't used a hair-dryer regularly for years...) and using no-sulfate shampoo very sparingly once a week and CG friendly conditioner the rest of the time (both from the 'Naked' range.)

Over the years I've tried loads of leave-in conditioners (most of them were probably cone-packed and making it worse!) and have had most success (relatively speaking) with The Body Shop's Brazil Nut one and recently with the Boots own pink one...but they're both still a bit heavy.

Can anyone recommend a lighter one? Or something else I could be doing? Maybe it just needs a trip to the dreaded hairdressers...

(BTW - My user pic is a few years old...that's the hair I'm trying to get back to!)
I always found, even before I found this site, that the Naked range of conditioners were a bit drying. Perhaps you need to switch to something with a lightweight moisture? It's not CG, but I really love Organix's Coconut conditioner (has one cone in it, but it's pretty far down the list). My hair is naturally fly-away, especially as there's a lot of new shorter growth in there, and I found that using that conditioner once in a while settles things down.
Biolage is a great conditioner and leave in and avaliable in the UK, it is'nt too heavy, but very moisturising
Trying to work out my 5 year olds 2c fine frizzy/curly hair
Password; curlygirl

Loving KBB and Kinky Curly!!
where do you get the biolage mumofcurlygirl?
uk curly - 3a
Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to give both the Organix coconut and the Biolage stuff a go the next time I'm flush.

Having said that, I am fairly happy with the Naked stuff at the mo, it's leaving my hair lovely and soft when I co-wash it, so I don't *think* it's the problem. Infact, I've been using a bit of the Weightless one as my leave-in this week and there's been a definite improvement - the curls are good and it's nowhere near as lank. I have, however, finally faced the fact that it does definitely need tidying up so I've bitten the bullet and am going to a hairdresser later this week. Gulp. .

Anyway, thanks again!

@ curly52: There's quite a bit of Biolage stuff on ebay. HTH
Hey I've tried the Tara Smith range and it's really good, the conditioner especially! However I'm still stuck with what styling products to use. I've tried the boots curl creme which is grand but I haven't found a good gel/mousse! Also can anyone explain to me how to lift the roots of your hair without using a diffuser. I've tried clips as explained in the naturally curly book but my hair just ends up frizzing at the top and my curls get wrecked trying to get the clips out! Any tips would be great!
Thanks Gen
Hey! I've found some more conditioners that are CG friendly

Boots ingredients Henna and horse chestnut
Boot ingredients Rosemary and Mint

I haven't tried them out yet but I will let you know the verdict once I have.
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Hey! I've found some more conditioners that are CG friendly

Boots ingredients Henna and horse chestnut
Boot ingredients Rosemary and Mint

I haven't tried them out yet but I will let you know the verdict once I have.
Originally Posted by Grainne
I've tried the henna and horse chestnut - dried my hair out BIG time (normal conditioner, not the intensive care one, mind you).

By the by, does anyone know anything about the newer offerings from Naked? H&B are perpetually out of my HG Aloe conditioner, so I'm looking for a replacement and am thinking Naked's (newish) Intense Care Conditioner might work. Their Shine line wasn't quite moisturising enough when I used it about a year ago, but I'm think the shea in this one might help. Looks CG to me but I'm not great at noticing hidden alcohols/'cones. Also - they've come out with a brand new silicone free (!!!) curl creme! It certainly reads fantastic:
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