Petrol Crisis!

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I can't belive this petrol crisis, i certainly agree that we pay FAR too much for petrol but i also think we pay too much for tax, cars and most items.

I am going to Uni on Saturday and right now we cannot get to anywhere which will fill the car up.

Very annoyed, there must be some sort of solution reaching in the next few days. I do think the protestors are going the wrong way about this, if T Blair back down now then it will make him look weak and he will not want to portray that image.

I really can't see a solution which will please everyone...

Anyone else have opinions?
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blimey!! things have gone mad, haven't they?!! i think ollie put petrol in the car on saturday, so we haven't needed to get any for a few days. i don't know what state things are in with the petrol stations around here. but i saw the evening standard today which says that london is about to run dry and there will soon be no fuel for tubes and buses either. yikes!!!!!

hmm, not sure what i think aobut the best way to end the dispute. the thing is, in france, they protest about everything, and they get their own way. they have had the cost of their petrol because they made a fuss about it. here in england we sit around tut-tutting about the cost of petrol, but never do anything about it because we are so apathetic! there was supposed to be a petrol buying boycott on 1st aug where no one bought petrol that day and the industry suffered great losses, but of course no one took any notice of it...

i agree that blair will not want to back down from his position, but then again if london really does run dry, they will have to do something about it, and perhaps that something will be to give us a fairer price for our petrol.

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