Does any UK curlies know of a good hairdresser??

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Hi All, do any of you know of a good hairdresser out there (pref in London) that knows how to deal with curly hair???

I am stumped and have never met anyone capable of this
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hey honey! i am stumped too!!! i desperately need a hair cut but i don't know where to go! there is a salon near my work, which i think i will try next - some of the stylists are curlies and it looks really nice... but it's about 50 for cut. ouch. i so want to find the perfect hairdresser. blimey, it's more difficult than finding a man...
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I would also love to try going to a salon specialize in curly heads! would be a completely new expirience for me!!

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I guess Germany stole one of your good stylists! My stylist here is British, but now lives here w/her hubby (several years). She's been doing a good job w/my hair so far. If you ever come to Germany I'll take you to her! LOL
Seriously though, I can give her a call and ask her if she has any recommendations. What cities? London? Anywhere else? I'll do what I can for you girls.
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Hi CurliLocks, this might be the solution I've been waiting for.
I live in the Netherlands which makes it quite ease to go to Germany.
Could you give more information on your hairdresser?
What type of hair are you?
Does she specializes in curly hair?
Does she has curly hair her self?

Sorry I'm asking so many question but a really need a hair cut -extra advice would be nice-.
My hair type is 3a/4b, I think
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Sam you have asked the question of the year!..

A few months ago there was a post on Cosmo Hair magazine, but most of the them are very expensive and i am scare of going to another hair salon, i had a very very bad experience at Toni & Guy..

If you want me to give you those addresseses, actually if you do a search on the main board under posts from spanish_curls you will find the list, its long..

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i had a consultation at a tigi salon a few months ago and was SO sceptical about the girl's ability that i made an excuse of having to look at my diary to see when i could make an appointment and NEVER going near there again.

for a start, she wanted to cut loads off the length of my hair (you know, you really should get a good few inches off) - for all the things my hair is, the one thing it isn't is split... and, i don't know, i just got a really bad vibe from her.

i also had a dreadful experience at terence renati on the kings road. never go there.

i had an ok cut at pacific hair artists in knightsbridge, but she didn't dry it very well and put LOADS of silicone serum into it - it felt horrible.

so i'm still looking...

curlilocks, that would be great if you could get some recommendations...
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Sorry to get everyone's hopes up. I called my stylist and she doesn't really have any recommendations. She hasn't practiced in the UK for several years, and says from what she remembers they all want to relax or braid all curlyheads! So sorry!

But I do have some info for Frederika -
Sandy does not have curly hair. She has very short straight hair. But she listens to what you say and doesn't want to straighten all curlies! I have 3b+? hair, and she does a great job w/mine. I don't know that she "specializes" in curlies, but there are lots of us that go to her. Her salon is right outside of Kaiserslautern (in the Rheinland-Pfalz area). Her salon info:
Sandy's Hairstyling Salon
tel: 49 - 631-90606 (country code 49)
Hours: M 1330-1700; TU-FR 0800-1800; SA 0800-1230

Maybe if you make an appointment and let me know, I can take you there or go w/you. It might be hard to find on your own. E-mail me if you're interested in my help to get there. Let me know.
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You made my day!!

When I get home first thing I would look on a map to see how far from where I live Sandy's salon is and then dicide when and how to get there.

I will certainly keep you posted!!
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frederika - I have a flyer here with prices too.
For wash/condition/cut and go (no dry) it's DM 39.
For wash/cut/condition and 3-min blow-dry it's DM 45.
For wash/condition/cut/blow-dry it's DM 55.
Very reasonable rates for great service.
Keep me posted!

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