Hair care/cosmetic shops in London

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Hi, there, hi Ali
in October I will be in London for a few days. Where can I buy hair care/skin care products from Bumble & Bumble, Kiehl's, Bloom, BeneFit etc. in London? I have heard about Space NK shops, are they good? Are they much more expensive than in the US?
Does anyone know Jo Malone perfumes and her shop?
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Hi, I live in london as well, here are some of the places i know you can get what you are asking for..

Yes, Space NK you can get the products you mentioned they are okay...

You can also get Kiehl's at Harrods & Liberty (oxford Circus)

Jo Malone Store: Sloane Street, thier website is

And absolutely all products are much much more expensive that US and some you can only find the small bottles especially kiehl's..

Have fun shopping

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hi cloudy! spanish curls answered your Qs perfectly!! she is obsolutely right that everything costs more than the US

if you like to play in cosmetics departments, the places you must visit are selfridges, liberty and harvey nichols. selfridges especially has a HUGE range of cosmetics. i love it there!! it's on oxford street, the west end of the street. selfridges have all the regular ranges plus benefit, mac, smashbox... i know that harrods have bloom.

liberty has more unusual ranges - philosophy makeup, which i can't find anywhere else (fab lipsticks!) and aveda, nars, b&b, face stockholm, etc...

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Spanish_curls and Ali, thanks for your answers! If the US-products are so expensive and the pound is sooo high for us Germans it seems that shopping is not quite a good idea. But anyway I like to try things which are not available here!
But if you have suggestions of good british products available in Boots I'd be happy to know them...

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