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I live in London and I need advice from you girls.
Here is the matter: I am 21 and have never been to the hairdresser in my whole life. Why? Because I have always lived in the south of France ( I have lived in London for 1 year), and in the south of France, there are not a lot of black people, and as a result not very reliable hairdressers for blck hair. Before the age of 18, I didn't relax my hair (which is I believe a 3b/4a), so I didn't really needed to go, and when I first relaxed it, my sister did it for me!
so now, I really want to go, but I don't have an address for a good hairdresser, who would give good advice on what cut I should go for in function of the type of my hair and the shape on my head. Can you girls help me?
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hi andela! welcome to london and to naturally curly!!!
i have recently found a great hairdresser - michelle at taryn macgregor on the kings road, chelsea. the details are in one of the posts below if you are interested.

i also got quite a good cut at pacific hair artists in knightsbridge - they specialise in afro hair, which mine is not, so they might be worth a look too. jenny was my stylist there, and she was pretty good but played with my hair too much whilst drying it!! but she might be better with 4a/b rather than my 3b ringlets...

let me know if you want any more info. where do you live, btw?
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Hi ali, thank you for your reply. I live in Camden
I would like to try the one in Kings Road, but isn't it going to be more expensive than anywhere else as it is in one of the poshest area od London?
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andela! hi...
yeah maybe... although toni & guy all over the city cost 43 for the most junior stylist, and this cost me 46 for a cut AND dry i was really pleased with... when i get my hair cut and finished i want it to be the most perfect it ever is - i want to be able to go out that night with my hair looking perfect. for the first time in (literally) years, i did not put my hair straight up into a bun the moment i was out of the salon!! you can probably find a cheaper cut elsewhere, but i will be tempted to go back to teryn macgregor because i now know that my hair will look great when i come out...

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