Anyone know of any vintage shops???

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Hi Girls!!

I am coming to live in London in Sept and i love clothes such as the ones Sarah Jessica Parker wears-that vintage look is soo cool :P

When we went to Nottingham we found loads of vintage shops with second hand (but clean and good) clothes and shoes and you had to root through-it was great!!!

Does anyone know of any shops like that in London??
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hey sam! yes i do know of some.. arghh, gotta go, parking meter... i'll tell you tomorrow!!
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sam, you should check out portobello road - down the far end (ie away from notting hill gate tube) there are a couple of vintage clothing shops. there's also one near notting hill tube, on pembridge road, but it's ridiculously expensive.

i went to camden market on saturday and saw one there, although i did not go in... hey when you come to london we must go searching for more together!!
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Yeah!!!We'll have to have a shopping trip but i will be a poor student so i mustn't take advantage of my overdraft!!

I just love searching through and finding neat old things!!!

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