Eurocurlies - what products do you use?

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Since a lot of the products mentioned on the main board aren't availible or are really expensive over here, what products do you use?
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by charlotte:
Since a lot of the products mentioned on the main board aren't availible or are really expensive over here, what products do you use? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Hi Charlotte
I have very thick curly hair and I use Aveda Brillaint shampoo and conditioner. For styling I use John Frieda serum and mousse.
These products are very good for me.
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I change all the time, but I am currently using:
Phytosolba phytojoba shampoo
John frieda's conditioner
René Futerer shea butter cream (deep conditioning)
Kiehl's leave-in
Rusk Wired
Frizz-ease or Phytodefrisant

I have 3c hair and I find these products in Paris, France
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I forgot to mention that I also use olive oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. I just bought some carot oil and some avocado oil at the grocery store that I will try soon
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Hi Charlotte
I have thichk 3b hair and i use;
Pantene Curls shampoo and conditioner
Herbal Essences shampoo for bulid up removal
Firzz ease mousse
V05 Gel Spray
Shockwaves Gel
Hope this helps
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Charlotte, you can find most of the products here, although they are at times quite expensive.

TradeSecret, sells a lot of them.
Websites like and sell most of the products as well, sometimes cheaper that the stores.
You can find kiehls, Phytologie, Bumble at Harrods or SpaceNK

I currently use:
Shampoo - Aussie Miracle Moist
COnditioner - Kiehls Cocunut & Lechitin

The only product you will not find here in london is Ouidad, that you will need to order from the states.

But since we are all so nice at this board, when curlies are going across the water they usually post to see if anyone needs anything from there.

hope this helps..

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Thanks Spanish_curls

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Hi there!

I am a 3C (but my curls are not tight as the description says...) and i use various product for my hair. My favourite one are the intensive care mask for dry hair from Umberto Giannini, it's brilliant and gives smooth hair with amazing curls :-)
The rich conditioner from Optimum Care is excellent as well. The leave-in condition therapy from Dark and Lovely is one of my favourite.
My shampoo is the one from U Giannini for dry hair, it smells delicious and leave the hair moisturized and i occasionnally use the condioner for the same make and for dry hair too!
I hope this helped
Andela :-)
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spanish_curls, there's a Trade Secret in London?
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use VO5 products, I live in England and these are easy to obtain, the waxes work best!!!

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