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08-03-2000 11:20 AM

Last month I received three Redken products. My lady friend brought them from America for me and then I looked at them but decided not to use them. So ... they are unused.

O yes: I will be in London, Lausanne, Barcelona and Paris September next. Anyone living in one of those 4 cities: you want a Redken product?

The products I have are:

- GLASS Smoothing Complex 4oz.
- Climatress High Humidity 14 11oz.
- SMOOTH Anti-Frizz Creme 1/2 liter.

08-04-2000 05:56 AM

melahny!!!!!!!! i have missed you!! i was just thinking about you this morning actually!

we can get redken here in the uk, but thanks for the offer.

how are you?!!

08-04-2000 06:31 AM

Hi Ali!!!

Yes I have been bad. I left but I am back now. I might drop you a mail later today. Greetings, Melahny.

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