Swapping from Europe

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Could you tll me how much you would sell the ouidad stuff?
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I’m moving (from Holland to Germany) and need to get ride of (sell or swap) some of my hair try out arsenal (to start all over again )
I could eventually ask a friend to mail things from Belgium. As I’m moving to Germany, mailing things from Germany is also possible.

- Ouidad Clear Control 2oz (not used)
Curl Definer and Sealer
- Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment 16oz (2/3 of bottle)
Heat Activated UV Protection
- Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment 16oz (a bit more than 2/3 of bottle)
Moisturizing for normal to dry hair
- Aveda Elizir 8.45oz = 250 ml (1/3 of bottle)
Daily leave-on hair conditioner
- Wella Livetex Balanced Care 150ml (not used)
Keratin-moisture-spray for fatigue and fine hair
- Schwarzkopf Taft 75 ml (a bit less than ½ )
Style & Care gel-wax
- TRESemme Straight & Smooth 175ml (1/3 of tube)
Non chemical, heat activated, adds shine Botanical Balm
- Tigi Curl Jam 175ml (2/3 of tube)
Styling gel
- Loreal Special FX Straitght 150ml (not used)
Smoths and straightens long lasting milk
- Loreal Special FX Radical 100ml (2/3 of tube)
Long lastig gel glue
- Designer Touch Texturizing Relaxer 16oz (not used)
Regular strength
- Designer Touch Creme Moisturizing Conditioner 16oz = 473ml (not used)
- Designer Touch Post Perm Treatment 16oz (a bit more than 2/3)
- Designer Touch Conditioning Neutralizing shampoo 32oz = 946ml
- (a bit more than 2/3) with “color alarm”
- Guhl Hair Repair Crème-kuur 125ml (1/3 of tube)
with almond oil
- Aussie Colour enhancing shampoo 300ml (more than 2/3)
Amber Dawn adds strawberry blonde tones
- Guhl Conditioning for blond hair 200ml (2/3 of bottle)
- Sebastian Potion 7 5.1oz = 150ml
For anyone. I cant really tell how much there still is in the tube.
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Hi Frenchgirl,

I'm asking the equivalent of 15 $ for the Oudidad Clear Control (you can check the price at www.ouidad.com) BUT we might be able to swap.

I just emailed you.

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