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Hi All.......Big Brother seems to be getting very BIG here lately and i was just wondering your opinions of it.

Take Nick for example......i mean everyone has been so down on him but he is only doing what he has to do to get the 70k.....

The people that really *ANNOY* me are Melanie (just 2 faced and false) and Irish Farmer (can't remember his name) as he just is one of them people who preaches....

Does anyone else watch it and what do you think??
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well thank goodness i've got someone to talk about this to!!!

ok, nick: sorry sam, i disagree. he was a rat. i agree that they're all obviously in it to win, but he was shamelessly lying to each of them - eg, to caroline 'i voted for two boys this week' when he had voted for her. and he did break major rules. AND he told so many lies. no. i felt real hatred towards that man and i really enjoyed seeing him chucked out. BUT i hear that some newspaper has offered him 70k for his story.. surprise...

i like irish farmer (tom) - i think he is quite considerate to others in the group. mel is really annoying me because of her endless flirting. she really fancies herself. she is playing with tom's emotions big time - he has admitted he fancies her and she just strings him along 'ooh, would you like to give me a massage?' grrr. and i think she really plays up to the camera.

and have you seen the new girl? how WEIRD!! so strange for a new person to come in now. mel is obviously really threatened my her, which is quite amusing.

my fave is still anna, whom i think i lovely and very genuine. my opinion of craig has been much improved since his tactful handling of the nick saga.

i really want anna to win.

blimey, can you tell i'm a sad addict or WHAT???
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Hi Sweetie!!

I had a lase from the BB but now i am back into it. I still think that although Nick was a rat (i agree on that one) he went on the show for a reason (to get rich/famous) and now he may be on of the most remembered one's. I think he comes across as a mother's boy though

I didn't like Craig but now i think he is ok, his accent *REALLY* gets on my nerves but he seems one of the most down to earth ones.

As for Tom, i really dislike him more than anything.......there is just something about him that i dislike...can't quite put my finger on it......just he seems to have got too big for his boots and now thinks he is IN with the gang!! That prob makes no sense!!!!

I don't think it is right bringing in someone new though, i mean if she won there would be a really fuss as she hadn't run the whole course and been with everyone from the start.

Can you tell i have NO social life at the mo!!!

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Like Ali, I really like Anna and hope she wins. I think she's modest and funny. In a way it's a shame Nick has gone because he was someone I loved to hate! The house now has more women than men so it'll be interesting to see how Mel copes with Claire as competition. From watching the show, it's obvious they are pretty bored a lot of the time - I know I wouldn't be able to stand it with no music, tv or computer
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well i think it's VERY amusing that mel now has a rival in the flirting stakes. she looks really quite pissed off that claire has come in and stolen her glory with the boys. haha!

i still want anna to win. i think she is nice, and funny, and caring and considerate.

i think the moment mel comes up for eviction she will be out because she has annoyed so many female viewers.
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I am addicted to this programme!!!!
I love it!!!

I couldn't believe how Nick reacted when they all found out about his cheating. By crying in his room i think he was hoping they would take pity on him and forgive and let him stay and i'm soooooo glad he's gone!

I really hate Darren I think he is sooooo annoying. And the other day when the others heard his nominations, i thought wot he did was really bad, saying that he wanted to change his nominations cos Melanie was crying. I mean, if why did he vote for her in the first place, he wouldn't have thought twice about it if she hadn't began crying her eyes out.

I think either Anna or Craig will win and because i think that viewers will want Melanie to go even though most of the housemates seem to like her. I think Anna deserves to win because shes seems really nice and down to earth, however a couple of the lads that have left have said that she isn't all that she seems. Also i'm glad Claire has gone cos she wouldn't have deserved to win at all.

I really like CRaig though, i think he's dead sexy and i love his accent, although i'd still like Anna to win

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curliegirlieuk, i couldn't agree more with what you've said about mel, anna, nick and the darren's-nominations-heard saga! but although i like craig much more than i did at first i still want anna to win because no girls have won so far in any country, and also i think he's a bit cocky now - like he thinks he's got it in the bag...
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HURRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, we can now vote mel out!!!

get on the blower asap girls!!
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I've voted twice for her and i've told all my mates to as well!!!!!!!!!
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Well tonight's the night girls.....and i for one am looking forward to it. In all honesty i don't think Mel is that bad..i mean there is ALWAYS gonna be one who is conceived to be the flirty one. I am not sure about her .....she seems quite normal....i mean being locked up you are gonna start to want company from the opposite sex and be lonely.

I think Anna is nice but there is DEFINATELY something sly/clever there...haven't worked it out yet. I like Darren but has definately got an obsession with those chickens!!!

Its gonna be Mel tonight for sure and she is gonna be soo GUTTED, i bet she doesn't know anything about what people think of her. I hope people don't boo her though when she leaves the house.

Should be interesting anyway!
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Not long to go! I hate to say it but Mel hasn't been too bad over the last couple of weeks. She's become quite friendly with Anna which I think was a good move. I really think tonight's going to be a close contest

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