First Visit

Hi, stumbled across this wonderful site by accident.
Fantastic tips from across the world - I will try some of them!!!!!!

One thing - haven't heard much mention of Frizz Ease products - are they not rated as highly across the water.

I have spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds on hair care/styling products for my out of control curly hair but still haven't found anything that I really like.

Use Frizz Ease becuase it is one product that at least makes my hair look healthy!!!!!!

PS. What is with all this 3a/3b/4a how can I find out what my hair rating is??

It is wonderful to talk to people who have the same woes as me. I love my hair but wish I could sort out the frizz!!!!
Hi Curly Claire,
And welcome! You will learn a lot and hopefully have a lot of fun on these boards. You'll get more traffic to your questions on the General/Hair board, or on the Non-Hair board.

But, the hair "type" system describes your hair's texture and thickness, so if you say you're a 2b (like me) people know your hair is wavy, medium thickness. Click on this link for more info.
welcome its nice to have another brit on the site!!! i live in plymouth devon please keep in touch [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]
hey up,
i am a 4a curly (really thick hair) from nottingham. So far i have tried the frieda products, but they do not work for me (oh, well). Just a shameless plug for aveda humeatact, that works as well as wildgrowth oil (got from the states). Looking for any alternative products that are worth a try [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img]
Welcome, great to have more Brits on board! I don't rate the John Frieda range at all - silicone is the antiChrist to my hair!!
Have had good results with Mastey Traite shampoo, the Kerastase & KMS range of conditioners and Joico ICE Whip mousse.
The only drawback to this site is that it has turned me into a product junkie! [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]



P.S. I'm a 3b
nottingham is in the boonies where products are concerned. Am itching to try the phytorelax, if anyone in the uk has an old tube that they are not using, and want to give it away... i am here.
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I'm also another Brit, and live in North London, and not long been on this site. I have 3a/c hair and yes - I can't get on with John Frieda products, either (itchy!). Just found this as there is so much here re products, tips, friendly people, etc.

Looking for a hairdresser that knows how to cut curly hair. Currently growing out several bad haircuts.

Hi all

Just came across this site yesterday. I'm also a Brit from Shropshire.

John Frieda products.....hmmmmmm....... the serum makes my hair greasy, lifeless and doesn't tame that frizz at all. Thumbs down I'm afraid. (oh my hair type 3b).
I've been using Zero Frizz for while (the hair serum is _exactly_ the same as Frizz Ease, they both have the same 3 ingredients). I do it like it for frizz control, but I'm not sure its doing anything for the curl so I'm interested in trying something else.

I've not tried buying products in the UK much(I'm from the US living and studying here, I'll be sad when my student visa is up)
I'd appreciate any other 3a's from 'These Fine Isles' letting me know which products work for them.
hi curly witch! i see your from st andrews! my family are in dundee! i moved away when i was young so my scots accents has long gone [img]images/smiles/icon_sad.gif[/img] but i have been to st andrews many times, its a lovely place. are you a local or are you studying there!

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