DevaCurl Products, anyone?

I think I like the effects of DevaCurl on my hair and am wondering if anyone has any they want to trade or sell. I want the following (all DevaCurl):

One Conditioner
Set It Free
Mist-er Right

I have the following to trade (all Ouidad):

Curl Quencher Shampoo (about 75% full)
Water Works Shampoo (used once)
Curl Quencher Conditoner (about 75% full)
Botanical Boost (about 90% full)
Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel (about 80% full)
12-Minute Deep Treatment (used once, for trade with H-i-H only)

If I don't get any "bites" by Wednesday, I'm just going to return the Ouidad stuff to Sephora (all but the Water Works & Curl Quencher Shampoo, which would still be available for sale/trade, as I can't return them). Please let me know - reply here or PM me. Thanks!
I'm new to this swap stuff. I posted yesterday that I've got some DevaCare One Condition and some ArcAngel (the firmer hold gel) to sell. Since they're both slightly used, I'll sell them to you for $12 each or $24 for both.
I have a full bottle of mister right to trade for the waterworks shampoo or the quencher poo I also have a half bottle of set it free
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