Products for Sale: Free Shipping

I'm selling the following items, all are free shipping:

Spiral Solutions:
Curl Enhancing Jelly 8oz. (full) - SOLD
Strength & Shine Leave-in Protein Spray 8oz. (90%)- SOLD
Emollience Hair Butter 2oz. (85%) - $6
Repairing Protein Treatment 8oz. (90%) - $15

Seamollient 8oz. (90%) - $6

Paypal (as a gift) only. PM me if you are interested.

FIA: 2b/cFii
normal porosity

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Or best offer...

I also have:
Kiss My Face Upper Management (full): SOLD
AOMM (50%): SOLD
FIA: 2b/cFii
normal porosity

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If you changed your mind and want to swap instead I am Interested in the repairing protein treatment if you see something on my thread:
3A~fine texture
Cleanser: GiovanniTTTT, Deva Low Poo
Condish: Deva One C, GiovanniTTTT, GVP Balm
Styler: Deva ArcANGELL, HESMU, AG Mousse Gel
Want to try: CJ Gellie, Hand Dry Hair Glove, BRHG
I <3 second day hair
Call me a Curltalk Otaku. ~MirCurls
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