Raw ingredients, Blended Cutie, Prairie Land, Nappy & Ha

I am cleaning out my cabinets and getting rid of some products they are:

Camden Grey, Organic [liquid] Castile gel soap, 1 lb. (in a bottle) - $8 NEVER OPENED

Camden Grey, Jojoba Oil, 2 oz. - $4.00 NEVER OPENED

Camden Grey, Tea Tree Essential Oil, 2 oz. - $5.00 NEVER OPENED

Cocoa Butter, 12 oz. block & has it's fresh natural scent, bought from Summer Bee Meadows - $6.00 NEVER OPENED

Shea Butter (white & unscented; from Summer Bee Meadows Soaps - brand new), 12 oz., $6.00 NEVER OPENED

Vegetable Glycerin, bought from the Crab apple Soap factory & never opened, 8 oz. - $6.00 NEVER OPENED

Blended Cutie Shampoo, 250 ml., $12; used once, 90% full

Shea butter, Africa Imports brand (pure) 4oz; $5; 95% left in jar

Prairie Land Herbs: Light Hair Herbal Rinse a bag of tea for your hair, $6

Calendula whole flowers
, 1 lb., $8 NEVER OPENED & from Camden Grey company

Sisterlocks starter shampoo, full bottle; although not in original bottle, smells good & good stuff for all hair - $8.00

Nappy & Happy, Soft & Shine - An all natural -leave in or rinse-conditioner enhanced with detangling agents leaves hair more manageable. Just massage into damp hair until it dissapears and then style as usual. Safe enough to use on mature locs in making seperating locs much easier and less painful. Great clean smell!
8 oz. with 90% left in the bottle - $9

Nappy & Happy, Dew - a moisture spray that softens hair and leaves it with a fresh floral fragrance. This is also a favorite of stylist to use a conditioning spritz when blow drying precious tresses. It's been reported to add a gentle lustre and bounce. Also use the Dew to freshen your locks between shampoos or to relieve the dryness from airconditioners or heating systems. Never sticky! 8 oz. spray bottle with about 93% left - $9

Nappy & Happy, Suede - a conditioner for mature locs comes is an an olive oil base naturally fortified with proteins, vitamins and natural conditioning agents. Place a small amount of Suede into your palms, rub your hands together to spread then apply to the locs rubbing into the hair until it disappears.
8 oz. with 95% left in the bottle - $10

I accept Paypal, please pm me. Zero shipping costs!!
Natural inside & out...
Pm'd you
Dora A. Hockenhull

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