Hair Rules products for sale -- GONE

Hi Everyone,

New lower prices on everything I've got!

Nourishment Leave In Conditioner 8oz, 30-35% full: Originally $6, NOW $4.50 SOLD

Hydrating Finishing Cream 8oz, between 60-65% full: Originally $12, NOW $8.50 SOLD

Kinky Curly Cream 2oz, between 70-75% full: Originally $6.50, NOW $4 SOLD

If you're interested in buying all three products, I'll sell them together for $15. All prices include shipping.

PayPal only. PM me if you're interested!

Last edited by BowieFan; 04-28-2011 at 09:21 PM.
Sending you a PM now for the Curly Whip
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medium texture; slightly porous

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