Mozeke, Giovanni, Taliah Waajid, Carol's daughter for swap or sale


I have some things that I would like to swap or sell:

Mozeke Cocoa Peach Pomade: It's full, there are just a couple of finger swipes.

Mozeke Mango Cupuacu Holding butter: maybe 90-95% full. some large finger swipes at the top.

Taliah Waajid Lock it up: 50% full, but maybe more (this one I would willing to send for free )

Carol's daughter Loc Butter: Maybe 60% full

Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner: 90% full

Yes to tomatoes daily volumizing conditioner: 75% full

Things I would like:
Afroveda pur whipped gelly and totally twisted

But...I'm willing to swap other things so that I can try them!

Pura vida!
The mozeke products are promised to someone else.
Do you still have the Carol's Daughter Loc Butter?

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