Does anyone want a nearly full 8 oz bottle of CURL KEEPER?

I will sell it for $9 plus shipping. It is nearly full, I only used it twice. I just do not think that it does much for my hair. And I don't have a lot of frizz anyway so I do not need it. Everyone says it is a miracle in eliminating frizz and creating beautiful curls. The substance of it is a serum btw and can be used in wet hair dry hair, most commonly wet. It is veryyy popular. And once again, almost the entire bottle is filled except for a tiny but and it is a very good sized bottle. However, it got such great reviews! I purchased it for $15.50 a few weeks ago. See it here:

Curly Hair, Curly Hair Products, Curl Keeper™, Frizzy Hair Products - Curly Hair Solutions™

I would offer to do a product trade but I honestly do not want any products right now haha.
and please ONLY MESSAGE ME IF you are actually positive you are willing to pay $9 plus shipping for this. people keep messaging me saying they want it and either do not reply back to me or decide suddenly that they do not want it anymore. it is really annoying so please be sure you want it first! thanks!

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What size is the bottle?
Originally Posted by stacytr
the bottle is 8 oz. it is a good sized bottle!
How much for shipping?
Originally Posted by Kzipper
it depends on where you live. if you are interested, please message me with where you live in the world so i can determine the shipping cost!
Pm'ing you...
Southeast Michigan
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I'm in CA, and would love to take it off your hands if no one else does....

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