I have a little set of brand new sample sized curly items - includes:
Shea Moisture Curl Enhance Smoothie and Deep Treatment Masque,
Aubrey GPB Balancing Conditioner and Shampoo,
AG Colour Care Shampoo, Jessie Curl Weekly Deep Conditioner Treatment, AG Re Coil Shampoo and Marcia Keratin Shampoo - all are sample sized , between .5oz-3fl oz each.
$6.50 with US SH.
email me at tvl297@gmail.com if you would like to purchase the set.
Tara - have a curly day!!!

LA Looks Curl Gel, Sauve Naturals conditioners Waterlily, CK, Deva Archangel , LOOB (has its days)...
Deva One - LOVE it!!!!!!!

Botticelli's Flax Seed Hair Gel (a DIY!!!) THANKS Botticelli!!!!!!
Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Creme (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!)
Shea Moisture Smoothie - GREAT stuff!

for the love of the lens...