Do you have Devacare/curl and curl junkie products???

I want to swap or buy these products... I have afroveda totally twisted, CJ daily fix, UFD shampoo, and curls products

I am looking:

Deva care line: (All)

Deva curl line:
low poo
Mister right
heaven in hair
styling cream

Curl Junkie:
curl rehab
Coffe coco cream lite
coffe coco cream
aloe fix lite
aloe fix
Amo mis rizos. Love Your Curls I do! 3C front/4A back

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I have a 12 oz bottle of Curl Queen that's about 2/3 full. I'd swap it for the Smoothing Lotion.
The smoothing lotion is only 1/2 full still wanna swap?
Amo mis rizos. Love Your Curls I do! 3C front/4A back
I have full unused bottles of DevaCurl Anggel and DevaCare One Condition that I want to sell.
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