Swapper Recommendations Thread (New List!)

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Had a GREAT swap with selfcurledgirl!!

Thanks a bunch!
2c/3a Fine Blonde/Silver
Great swap with sunderella. Thanks!
Hair type, thin, 3b, past my shoulders always looking for length. Use jessicurl hair cleansing cream, devacurl one c, angel, set it free, Always see a deva trained stylist for cut and Aveda Institute for color.
Had a fun swap with PixieCurl! I got her package super fast!! Thanks Pixie!
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
Great swap with benthudd! Cindy is great and I would definitely swap w/her again. Thanks!
3AB/2A/fine/medium. Recently had hair cut to more layered, tapered, and so far so good. Light brown hair, reddish highlights.
A great swap with shorty448 - she sent her check really quickly and was fun to chat with as well.
2c with some 3a thrown in for fun!
Great swap with hope4long. Stuff arrived quickly and in great condition!
great transaction with icequeen!

lightning fast shipping, super-careful packaging! and nice too!

Fast and fun swap with Libbyliz. Looking forward to trying the Volumax. Hope both our products work out!

3a Colored, Layered
Currently loving:
Cond: CJ Strengthing, Marie Dean, CJ Curl Rehab
Leave -In: Marie Dean Red Clover, Coconut Lime Detangler and just about the entire line, CJ Rehab
Gelly: UFDCM, Paul Brown Geletine Goo
Towel - HG - Curls Like Us

Always use the "Icequeen" method for products
Yes, I too thought it was a FAST & fun swap, icequeen! I'll have to wait until Fri or Sat when I rinse out my blowout to try the B&A Mineral Sculpting Gel.
great swap with lushaholic! good packaging and she's a total sweetheart
Faith, 3Aish redhead
Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy
This "report" is very late (better late than never!) but I want to say I've sold (Dominican COs) successfully to:

kehcah (several times, she's great to deal with!)
leetah j

I also had a good swap with Bunny, who has become a very nice chat friend.
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC
Great swap with mawiyah. Great communication, fast service, overall great swap. Thanks!

coarse, thick 3a
modified cg

Great swap w/Mollie
My hair is naturally curly,very long thick corkscrew curls that are 3B
will add more curl pics soon,thx
lushaholic is such a sweetheart! she sent me a sample of volumax just because she's nice AND she sent me two chocolate candies...i just ate them..... yum
Faith, 3Aish redhead
Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy
I had a great swap with cehua. She ships very quickly....gotta love that.
I have kinks, coils and curls on this head.
Certified PJ. I need rehab.
Hair Album
Last update 1/1/07
I had a great swap with Black Pearl. The package arrived quickly and well packed :dance:dance.gif !!! Thank you
great sale with laurabeth33! superquick shipping
Faith, 3Aish redhead
Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy
Super info & fast shipping from HalfWavyHalfCurly for the Dominican 10-en-1! Thank you!

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