Swapper Recommendations Thread (New List!)

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Just had my very first swap -- how fun!

I had the great honor of swapping with lushaholic, whose gorgeous curls I admire like crazy. It was an excellent swap, she did everything nicely -- packaging, communication, etc.

I feel like a dork 'cause it didn't occur to me 'till after I'd shipped that I should have enclosed a note (d'oh!). Lush did, of course, and that was lovely, too. I've learned and will do better next swap, promise!
I had an absolutely wonderful swap with WayWavy! Her packaging job put mine to shame, that's for sure. So swap with her, she's great! [/b]
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
a great swap with blaqpearl and celticmoondance! thanks girls I would def swap with both again!
2C blonde long hair

•ojon + curls
•goal: to grow my hair to my waist!

•hair timeline:
-last cut 4.27.06@ devachan by jeff
-colored 3.6.07
-trimmed on 10.1
-softened @ ouidad 10.20
Just had a wonderful transaction with Spiderlashes5000 - very smooth, very fast and great comunication! Would definitely swap &/or buy from her again! Thanks so much!

I have also had GREAT experiences buying from:




I didn't realize I could post here, so my apologies for not doing so sooner to the above curlies!

3A/f/ii CG since Aug 17, 2005...HG's: AHC, CK, Re:coil & GFSCC
Hi, just wanted to add that I have had fantastic swaps with both frizzbomb and also with iwantcurlyhair

Both were really sweet and shipped pronto!
3a, just below shoulder length, on a quest to define, shine and moisturise!
Sorry it took me so long to write this Sandya! We've been moving into a new place and things have been crazy. I wanted to thank you. She went above and beyond. She sent me ample of samples Thanks for making my first trade easy!

Between 3a/3b
“Law is order, and good law is good order” (Aristotle).
I've had great swaps with

They all shipped quickly and everything arrived in great shape.
Thanks again for helping me add to my collection.
Bought something from Cornflower5 and everything went great. Very fast delivery and no problems.
3c all the way! CG. Just started a new fotki album if you wanna see.

Favorite Cheapo routine: Sprite brand shower filter($40 lasts 3 months, then $29 for 4 refill filters), Trader Joe Refreshing Condish($3), Devacurl Nopoo occasionally($12 i think)
I had another great swap with Beaglecookie. Thanks again!
3A / 2B / 2C wavicelli

Great swap with Velvet Paws . Another great buy from GinGin2 Thanks for everything
Hair almost to waist. Brown with light brown highlights. 3b spiral curls. I love curly hair.

One C, CK, Re:coil, Boots , Abba Weightless, BRHG, Spiral Cream, Curls Ecstasy and Ouidad DT

PW- mymia
Had a great swap with OctoberBaby02. Good communication and product was exactly as described. Would swap again anytime
I had a great swap with kjean2. Her swap arrived promptly and in the condition she described. I'd love to swap again!
|~*~Carly~*~ |24 yrs old|Type 2C hair|
I am so ashamed! I had no idea what this thread was for

So thanks to beaglecookie long_n_curly and curlyplus2
Originally Posted by internetchick
You're welcome. I never got to check with you to find out if the product worked for you.
Hair Type: 3C Natural, 3B Relaxed. I'm transitioning!

Fotki Password: curly
Just had a great swap with LEILANI42 . Not only was she prompt in responding and shipping, she sent along the sweetest extras: popcorn and a free video rental gift card-her prescription for the perfect deep treatment ritual! I heartedly recommend her to all curly girls for a great swap, and I hope to do so again. Thanks so much!
3b/3c; Fine, thin and always fighting the FrizzMonster!
Thanks internetchick, ripples, I wantcurlyhair, finehair and lunarising for great transactions! (I know I'm leaving someone out...) But thanks, all.

I had a good purchase from stars629 - thank you so much!
3A / 2B / 2C wavicelli

I had a most fantastic transaction with lauraloo. The shipping was extremely fast, she was friendly, and she sent me lots of goodies including a free sample. Thanks so much!
like iwantcurlyhair, i had a transaction with lauraloo. i got them so fast, and i think it would've been even quicker if it wasn't during the july 4th holiday! thanks again for making my first "swap" great!
a crazy 4a/3c mix
o/s; thin; thready/cottony?
I had a great transaction with Selfcurledgirl. She was an excellent communicator and included free skincare samples.

3C, BSL Unstretched -
Had a great swap with stars629! Got a full bottle of B&A gel in great condition; it also arrived very quickly.

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