Swapper Recommendations Thread (New List!)

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Awesome swap with Iwantcurlyhair! Super fast payment and great communication. Thanks again!
Not all who wander are lost.

Fine and thin 3a. PW: curls
This wasn't really a swap, but Lauraloo sent me some very generous samples of Jessicurl products. Thanks!
*Poster formerly known as Bailey422*

Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid. ~ George Carlin
Great swap with curlie. Everything arrived alright and she was lovely to communicate with throughout.
Extremely fine 2b/3a. My frizz has tamed considerably but, I still have my "moments."
Currently liking:
TJs Nourish, Set Me Up, Curl Keeper and Curl Junkie Hibiscus and Banana deep fix.

password: wavy
I had a truly unbelievable swap w/ Castella!!!

She received my swapped item, but I didn't receive hers (the package got lost somewhere along the way or, I fear, swiped off my front porch -- somebody swiped my swap!). I PM'ed her, just so she'd know I hadn't forgotten to reply.

First, she insisted on sending me something else or paying for the item she received. This was amazing enough (she restored my faith in humanity, I tell 'ya), but when I told her not to worry (it certainly wasn't HER fault!), she sent me a Jessicurl gift certificate (in an amount much greater than the item I swapped )!

Is this what all people in Wisconsin are like?!?! If so, I'm packin' up and moving!

Thanks again, Castella -- you are SUCH a sweet curly!
Just had a fabulous sale with Bekah79! She sent the product yesterday and got here today ! We did our mailing out (me the check, her the product) the same day and I know my check is probably still somewhere between here and Georgia .

Thanks a bunch, Bekah!
CG-modified since 4/05
2b/3a and 3b on occasion!
Products: The hair aisle in my own cabinets.
Best definition winner: KCCC
Best volume winner: LOOB
Great sale with LavenderCurls. She's very nice and quick!
I had a good swap with Tooj68-she was very nice and honest
3c all the way! CG. Just started a new fotki album if you wanna see.

Favorite Cheapo routine: Sprite brand shower filter($40 lasts 3 months, then $29 for 4 refill filters), Trader Joe Refreshing Condish($3), Devacurl Nopoo occasionally($12 i think)
I had a wonderful swap with Sandya - I highly recommend her
3A / 2B / 2C wavicelli

A smooth transaction(purchase) this week with Stars629. She sent my product out to me quickly. Good communication. I recommend her. Thank you!
3a/b medium/coarse combo(w/some fine strands), normal porosity, normal elasticity(strong)
Komaza analysis 2015: medium to coarse combo(some fine strands), normal porosity, strong elasticity, healthy hair
Goosefootprints 2013: moderately coarse with some medium; low porosity at roots, normal thru shaft, porous ends, normal elasticity
I also had a great carefree swap with velvet paws. She was super generous with me. Don't hesitate to swap with her!

I had a nice transaction with curlicious3b. She sold me a GENEROUS size sample of KCCC for $10. We each had Paypal so all went smoothy (hopefully the KCCC will be just as smooth).

Thank curlicous3b!
No more PJ tendencies. Tigi Curls Rock Curl Amplifier is the best thing to make my curls rock all day! Next best are KCCC and Re:Coil +HE TT Gel.
Had a great swap with lharrcurl. Hope to do it again.
I have kinks, coils and curls on this head.
Certified PJ. I need rehab.
Hair Album
Last update 1/1/07
Great purchase fromCastella once again she is the sweetest most generous person, she always sends great extras.

Great swap as always with beaglecookie and Castella and Way Wavy!!!

Thank you all so much!! I hope we can swap again soon!
Cowash - No Poo
Conditioner - One Condition
Gel - Light Defining Gel

Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.
I have been remiss .

Many wonderful transactions over the past few months. If I forgot anyone, please, it's not personal!

Excellent experiences with all:








Way Wavy (by the way, I wouldn't move to WI just yet...I should tell you some stories about MY porch & MY neighborhood! it's not for nothing that I got my reputation as the "crazy lady who screams" whenever so much as one flower goes missing from the yard )
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
Great swap with Castella! Items were exactly how she described, and she even thought to smell them to ensure none were spoiled, just to be sure.

ETA bolding of name and add below.

Also, a great swap with futurehope! Item was exactly how she described, and her price was very generous!
I had a perfect swap with SpaghettiHead!!! She is so much fun to chat with and everything went great. Can't wait to do it again!!
I also had a great transaction with monicaf. For whatever reason the post office took 4ever to deliver her package but she was very understanding and patient. I highly recommend both!
I also had a wonderful trade with iwantcurlyhair!! (thanks!!) she is awesome!

I have also had wonderful trades with UP Lisa and Beaglecookie

I would highly recommend all three!!

I had a terrific swap with hockeymomof3! Everything was top-notch: communication, packaging and speedy delivery -- highly recommended!
Great swap with kpilko thanks a bunch!
Well packaged and fast shipping highly recommend swapping with her.

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