Hairveda stuff

MOIST CONDITION PRO 90% left.................$7 SOLD
ALMOND GLAZE 100% full.............................$6 SOLD

Willing to swap for:
Darcy Botanicals Avocado & Wild Plum Twisting Cream
Darcy Botanicals Hair Butter Pomade
Aussie spray gloss
Aussie Moist conditioner
Spiral Solutions deep conditioner
4a hair. MOD CG routine.

Present Loves
-Back on the (rajasthani) henna train! My hair is so much better now.
-KBB hair butter mixed with Hairveda Cocasta oil
-Spiral Solutions Deeply Decadent

Last edited by Kynnib; 11-16-2012 at 11:26 PM.
In interested on the almond glaze. What size and does this include shipping?
Just Smile


Google+: psbest28
Youtube: phyllisa28 or psbest28

pm'ed u. also, are you willing to swap for other products?

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