I have a full jar (6oz) of CCs Naturals lavender flaxseed gel. I used it twice & it just wasn't for me. I'll also throw in the free bar (soap or shampoo, don't know which it is) that I receieved with the gel. I also have Donna Marie Mira curl curling jelly. I used about 30% of a full bottle. Please contact me if interested in buying or a swap for deva curl frizz free foam or arch angel gel. Thanks !
2c fine waves
Loo-poo: Avalon, Andalou, As I Am - NO SULFATES!
Cond: Avalon, Andalou, Kinky Curly - NO SILCONES!
Gel: KCCC, products with no silicones or polyquats
wish I had more curls
Also looking for suggestions & help

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