Renpure: Argan (no A-cone),Brazilian keratin & KCKT

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Renpure: Argan (no A-cone),Brazilian keratin & KCKT-20130204_232604.jpg   Renpure: Argan (no A-cone),Brazilian keratin & KCKT-20130204_232703.jpg   Renpure: Argan (no A-cone),Brazilian keratin & KCKT-20130204_233011.jpg   Renpure: Argan (no A-cone),Brazilian keratin & KCKT-20130204_233031.jpg  
Melie. 2c Coarse Porous(damaged) Learning to battle The FL humid weather, but I love it here!!!
Trying CG as of 7/8/11

I will try anything on my hair!

Youtube channel: MsMelySoto

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I kept getting error messages when i tried to send this privately. Um, I don't have specifically what you are looking for but let me know if you are interested in any of these, k? I would love to swap for your kckt.

Here's what I have:
CJ smoothing daily condish
CJ beauticurls strengthening condish
Spiral Solutions Firm Hold Gel
Curly Hair Solutions Treatment Shampoo
Trader Joes tea tree low poo
Batia and Aleeza Mineral Sculpting Gel
Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel
Curlisto II Gel
Biotera Gel

Please drop me back a line either way, k? I won't take it personally if you say no, lol!

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