Blended Beauty, Tree Naturals, Pura Body and more for swap or sell

I have some items I'd like to swap or sell. I'm looking to swap for Oyin,Kinky Curly products, Curls By Sister Smith Curly Pudding, KMF Upper Management Gel, Hairveda or Afroveda Gel, Qhemet Cocoa Ghee or Tea Gel, BAQ Henna. Or try me, I'm open to trying other products. My prices include shipping to the continental US.

Blended Beauty Silk Shake 8 oz, 45-50% full--$9

Tree Naturals Bamboo Fig & Lotus Flower Deep Hair Conditioner 80% full--swapped

Pura Body Naturals Sapote Hair Lotion 8 oz in Tahitian Vanilla 100% full--sold

KeraCare Leave In Conditioner 4 oz, 85-90% full--$10

Queen Helene Royal Curl Smoothing Oil 4 oz, 90% full--for swap

Private message me if you are interested in anything.

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Pm you abt purabody and tree naturals

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bumping for updates
Originally Posted by cora

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