Curly Kinks Satin Roots New (unused) $13 plus shipping (Paid $14 plus tax) Online Retail $12 REDUCED To $11

Curly Kinks Coil Jam 98+% $13 (paid $15 plus tax) Online Retail $13 (Tablespoon taken out), hasn't been used or touched inside the container other than the clean utensil to remove the tablespoon of product. REDUCED TO: $11

Reason for sell--Didn't realize there was a hint of floral in the product when I was in the store. It's faint but there nonetheless so I can't use the items. That being said, they have a nice scent and aren't overly scented.

$20 for the bundle--many inquiries so this will move fast!!
Edit: Not sure why I paid $2 extra for each product, didn't realize the store on the ground charged more than retail, unless the price decreased???

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