end of summer cleanout- CIAB, Curls, Jessicurl, Oyin, etc

$5 shipping or Swap
Curls in a bottle- SOLD
Jessicurl DC- 80%- $8
Curls Cashmere leave in- 80%- $8
Curls for Target Cashmere jelly - 100% - $11 (not shown)

$4 shipping or Swap
Oyin Juices and Berries-95% - $11
Sabino Moisture block- 90%- $10
Hairitage Hydrations Peach Waves -100%- $8
Bask Condensed Custard body butter "apricot scent" - SOLD

will swap any item for:
CURLY Qs Coconut dream conditioner
CURLS Goddess Curls Glaze Gel
KOMAZA protein conditioner
CURLY KINKS Polished oil
QHEMET Olive and Honey hydrating balm (don't confuse with the heavy cream)
KAREN BODY BEAUTIFUL: hair blossom mist
KAREN BODY BEAUTIFUL: Ambrosia leave-in
ETWINE COUTURE: the manipulator
BASK: whiskey soak

Attached Thumbnails
end of summer cleanout- CIAB, Curls, Jessicurl, Oyin, etc-download.jpg  

Last edited by Peach167; 09-13-2013 at 06:09 AM.
Are you only selling it as a set ?
Are you selling individual items ?
Pm'd you ....
Everything is individual. The different shipping price is due to the size of the bottle and weight

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Do you still have curls in a bottle, curls for target jelly, oyin juices and curls leave in?
Are you willing to use the flat rate boxes from USPS?
CIAB is sold.....but everything else mentioned is still available. Yes, if anyone buys multiple items i will work out a reasonable shipping cost

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Is the oyin and hh still available?

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