Sell me samples? CJ

Hi guys! I really want to try some curl junkie products, but I don't want to spend $20 per bottle and then not like it. And unfortunately their cleansing/conditioner sample set is out of stock, and it'd be expensive to buy them anyways since it includes so many products. Would anyone be willing to sell me samples from their own product bottles? Or extra samples they have if they bought the sample sets.

I would like to try any of these:
Beauticurls Argan & Olive Oil Conditioner
Beauticurls strengthening conditioner
Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion
CoffeeCoco Curl Creme Lite
Curls in a bottle
Curl Queen Gel
Pattern Pusha gel
Curl Fix
Curl Rehab Moisturizing Treatment
Repair Me!

(Also, if anyone with low porosity hair has tried these and hated them, please let me know. I'm still very new to this & trying to figure everything out. My biggest issue is buildup with my current DevaCare/V05 routine)
I pm'd you.

2b/2c blonde/lt. brown/gray Chin length
Wash: Tate's Miracle Shampoo, Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo
RO: Tate's Miracle Conditioner,
Oyin Hair Dew
Deep Condition: Darcy Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner
Stylers: Tahlia Waajid Curly Curl Cream
Refreshers: homemade Lavender water

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