Selling Deva Curl Line(lots of stuff!)

Hi all, I recently found out the reason why my hair had started becoming so frizzy is cause I'm sensitive to glycerin, of which Devacurl has a lot of sadly, so I'm kicking it to the side for the summer. Sooooooooo I'm looking to sell the following: pm me to see exactly how much is in the bottles!

Devacurl Styling Cream(practically full, except for a pump or 2)
Devacurl Supercream-80% left
Devacurl Mirror Curls-60% left
Devacurl Light Defining Gel-70% left
Devacurl Set it Free-50% left
Devacurl Mister Right-55% left

I'm looking to sell them all as a package for $75 plus the shipping cost. Pm me or if you'd like individual items let me know!
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How much for the 2 creams shipped to PA?
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.

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