SALE: AV stuff and hesh herbs

I’m downsizing and have figured out what my hair likes. These good products need a new home. Shipping will be cheapest option based on zipcode

AV Prana conditioner 8 oz (used twice)-$10 -pending
AV PUR whipped gelly (used once, still full) - $8 - SOLD
Oyin honeywash (3/4 full) - $7-SOLD
Nubian Heritage Coconut papaya shampoo (2/3 full) - $4 -SOLD

AV Curly custard (sample, used once) -$2-SOLD

FREE samples (you pay shipping unless buying something else)
Kissi seed conditioner (old formula, 50% full)- Free -SOLD
Nu Milk conditioner (old formula, full) -Free -SOLD

Hesh herbs
Amla (2 boxes, 100g each) - $2 each -SOLD
Brahmi (1 box, 100g) - $2 -SOLD
Maka (Bhringraj, 2 boxes, 50g each) - $2 each-1 SOLD 1 pending

Paypal only. PM if interested

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I pm'd you....
4a Curly

Been natural since Jan 09. BCing is my thing!! Love to keep a tight TWA!

My Staples:
CJ Smoothing Conitioner, CJ Daily Fix,Cherry Lola Treatment, CJ CCCC, CJ Smoothing Lotion, Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Majic, KCCC, Eco Blue and KMF UMG
hi ladies, thanks for all your replies. I will get back to all of you by the end of the day.
thanks ladies for all the replies

c'mon nobody wants the prana condish?
Pm'd U
Last Relaxer- 10/2008

Decided to go Natural 05/2009 after wearing braids due to damage

BC- 06/2009

Products For Now

Co Wash: V05 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit

Leave In: TIGI Moisture Maniac

Deep Cond: Elasta QP DPR11(not so much n e more)

Styling: Eco Styler w/ Olive Oil, Smooth n Shine Curl Activator Gel w/Aloe,KCCC, MiraCurl Curling Gelly

-I am turning into a PJ @ least until I find my staples

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