For sale or swap: Deva Fuser

I've got a Deva Fuser that's out of the box but barely used (probably less than a handful of times) that I'd like to sell (preferable) for $20 + $6 shipping. I'm just not using it enough to merit keeping it. I have a Paypal account.

I'd also be willing to swap for an equitable amount of Deva ArcAngell, DevaCARE One C or Deva Set Me Up.

3b (PW: goodcurls)
CG since January 2006

Last edited by rmiro13; 01-03-2010 at 09:50 AM. Reason: Editing to correct omission.
Hi, are you still thinking of selling the devafuser or did you find someone else to take it? If you still want to sell I'd love to buy it from you.

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