Searching....afroveda or QB

Hey, jUst seeing if anyone has any qhemet biologics root or heavy cream, or any afroveda shea amla or almond butter they didnt like or want. I could go directly to the source but the turnaround makes me a little lol. So if anyone would be able to help me out I would be more than happy to compensate.Thanks.
If you are still looking for Afroveda Shea Amla, I have an 8oz jar that's 98% full. I'll pm u also!
Texture: Coarse?; Density: Med (?); Porosity(?? Med-high); Wave pattern: 4B coils

Elucence MB
Deep Condish: GVP Conditioning Balm Moisturizer: Qhemets Amla Olive HC
Sealer: QB
Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist (I use this as a styler too)
Stylers: ORS Twist and Lock
(rarely use)

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