Banana Brulee Moisturizing Deep Conditioner~16oz- $14 (used-90% full)
Serious Shining Spray~2.2oz- $6 (never used)
Silk Finishing Gel~ 1.75oz- $5

I have a paypal account and that's how I operate.
Will make deals on shipping if purchasing multiple items and prices if purchasing multiple items.
If you really want the products and are SERIOUS about purchasing, please feel free to PM me. I will keep the thread updated as to what has and has not been purchased
Shipping is $5
I am willing to swap so pm me with offers.

Last edited by CocoT; 02-06-2010 at 12:48 PM. Reason: lowered prices, updated list
PM'd you
Hair type: 4a/b, low porosity, coarse, medium density
Products: Terressentials Mud Wash, DB Peach Kernal Hair Milk, Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner, Coconut Oil
Low Poo: GTTT, TJ's Refresh

Rinse Out: LVP, TJ's Nourish, GFTN, 365, SSCC
Styling: HEBE,
Biotera Curl Cream/Gel, Marie Dean, EW SAJ, Pink Boots, Re:Coil, KCCC, CK
Willing to swap. PM me with offers
The only lines I am interested in swapping items for are Karen Body Beautiful and Donna Marie and Oyin Handmade (not the items I have listed- just the juices and the whipped pudding are what I am interested in).

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