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goobernut 01-20-2010 03:46 PM

KCCC Sold!
Hello Ladies --
I don't know why I bought the KCCC. I had a sample, it was working okay, not fab. I bought it at Whole foods around Thanksgiving. I realized I didn't need it -- I liked lots of other stuff better. My mistake can be your cheap KCCC!! haha!

I am willing to get rid of it for $26 incl. shipping. If you want insurance then it's an extra 1.75 (that's how much ins is online for $30). I take paypal only please :)

It needs to go to good use and not sit here unopened in my house! I've been too lazy to sell it/swap it before.

I will warn you that purchasing this item is likely to fund my PJ habit.

Thanks ladies!

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