Nevermind - Back in Stock!!!! Yeah!!!!

Darcy's Botanicals MVSC is sold out and I am in desperate need. I've been using this product and this product alone this Winter and just assumed I would be able to go and purchase when I needed. I have about a week's worth left. I orginally purchased via swap and I am hoping someone has some they can spare or perhaps on some off chance they don't like the product.

You can send me an email to:
and let me know the cost including shipping and size.


ETA: Prefer to use Paypal
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e-mailed you!
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Darcy's Botanicals now has this product back in stock as of this morning. Thank goodness. I already placed my order along with a new product to try (Peach Kernel Nectar Hydrating Milk - glycerin free). Can't wait.
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Fotki<< Updated 2/10

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