Cleaning out cupboard

All are 3/4 full. Would swap for Jessicurl Too Shea condish, Curl Keeper, or make me an offer.

Loob Weightless Texturizer - just pay shipping

Recoil - $8 plus shipping

Alagio Crazy Curl Balm - just pay shipping

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner - just pay shipping

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel - just pay shipping

FX Curl Booster Fixative gel - just pay shipping

Biotera Curl Creme - just pay shipping

Mop C-system C-curl Curl defining cream - $8 plus shipping

CG since 10/07
2c/sometimes 3a
Do you still any/all of these? I'm interested in buying the recoil =)
3a/C/iii; mod-CG since 07/14/08
Shampoo: Whole Foods 365 Citrus Grapefruit shampoo (same results as Deva Low Poo but a tenth of the price!)
Condish: Deva One Condition
Styling: Deva AnGel, then SOTC with no Frizz creme
Hairtwins! Ab-star, Ledzeppole, Shellynot, soficurls and tarc817

Pm'd you.
Spirals, curls & waves, Med-Coarse Texture, Med Porosity, Low Elasticity

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