Hair in front doesnt grow long

The hair around my frontal hairline...(the very begining of my hair) doesnt grow as long as the rest. It only grows to about my chin and its grows really slow. The rest of my hair is must longer, and grows quickly. I convinced this is miniturization and that eventually it will be a bald area and I will have a receding hairline. Being that I am young and a women this though is very upsetting. However, for now it still looks good and can be blended into the rest of my hair...I do live in fear.
Do you pull your hair back/up a lot? Pony tails, buns, etc?
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I try not to, but after a day of wearing it down I usually have to resort to it...unless I want to wash my hair again.
A good hair treatment if your hair doesn't grow is to use vitamin E just after washing your hair. Vitamin E is readily available and inexpensive, Vitamin E is a deep conditioner that helps hair grows faster,great hot oil treatment, you can also use vitamin E on dry hair,Also try proper trimming if you want your hair to grow lengthy. But a word of caution, the trimming doesn't mean very close cuts,Massage warm castor oil and almond oil to your scalp once a week,Mix amla powder with one egg, Apply to your hair and leave on for a half hour.
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Do you pull your hair back/up a lot? Pony tails, buns, etc?
Originally Posted by MimsTX
Have you tried braids/plaits? Doing this instead of ponytails every day for me seemed to take out a lot of damage in my bang area. The extra tension on the front hairs created more breakage, and a sudden change to only satin pillowcases, creative fun braids, and seamless hair ties (to hold the end of my braid, of coarse!) every day caused a noticeable difference in the amount of breakage to my front hairs.

Also, brush them carefully... Any extra tension (believe me, it all adds up) creates more breakage.
You can also use the Vitamin (e) on dry hair, try trimming is also true if you want to grow your hair long. Mix, but a word of caution, trimming does not mean cut very close, massage oil, castor oil, almond warm scalp once a week, apply on your hair.
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Has it always been like this?

I have some friends who just have natural "bangs", and most of us have the shorter hairs around the sides of our face.

If it's not a change in hair, I don't think you have to worry.
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Slow hair growth on the forehead is a problem faced by many and it just needs some special attention. As mentioned on the posts, the most probable reason could be pulling back the hair into tight pony-tails, buns etc. Some of the most effective methods to tackle this problem like oil massages, trimming etc have already been mentioned and are the best in my opinion. Have many friends who have benefited after trying out at least one!
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