Need hair cut advise for very thin 3b blonde hair

I am dealing with alot of stress right now and have started to drastically loose hair (especially at my hairline or temples). I went to the Dr for this and she recommended Rogaine and Biotin to help, but that is going to take time. In the mean time I want to get a shorter hair cut in hopes that it will make my hair look healthier (the ends tend to look dead and get tangled very easily which results in more combing-which means even mores hair loss). So I was hoping someone could give me some ideas for a shorter hair style for my hair, I don't really want to go any shorter than chin or shoulder length. Any ideas or pictures of hair styles that might work for me would be great. Right now I almost always pull my hair into a low ponytail trying to hide my thin spots and am embarassed by them. Can anyone help me?

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My hair is very thin all over, and I've found the most flattering length is about collar bone/shoulder length. (I'm actually trying to grow mine out, but we will see how far it makes it before looking too thin.) I've also learned the hard way that because it's so thin, it can't handle many layers, or the ends start looking very scraggly. I'm not sure how helpful that is, but I would definitely advise against too many layers, Good luck!
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What she said ^^

Also, be careful when doing the low ponytail so that you aren't putting too much tension on your hair, especially around the hairline. That contributes to breakage and even loosening hair at the root sometimes. I noticed this after wearing my hair in a half-up style almost daily for about a year, and I thought I was loosely pulling those pieces back. The Biotin and Rogaine should start showing positive effects in 60-90 days, I would think. Hang in there. We're here for ya!

My hair has gotten thinner all over too. I'm brunette with lots of gray. My hair is below shoulder when curly and I have slowly been having my HD add layers so that I don't lose the look of "bulk" at the ends while having stringy layers higher up. Plus, I want to get it to APL when curly. It's a fine line. And aggravating at times.
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Thanks Ladies. I have always preffered my hair longer, but with it thinning or the amount of hair I am losing right now it looks damaged and scraggly towards the ends. Right now when it's dry and curly it lays just past my shoulder blades in the front and hits my bra strap in the back. The shorter it is the curlier it gets, so I have always tried to steer clear of cutting it too short. I have always fought my curls, but with it thinning as badly as it is no matter what I do it is so kinky curly. It is soo hard to find a hair stylist that knows what to do with naturally curly hair. I know I need to cut it shorter so I can get the scraggly looking stuff off and also to hopefully prevent further tangles-which results in more hair being pulled out. I heard that putting layers in it will make it look fuller, but after reading your posts I'm not too sure I would want to do layers.

Spiralli, I have been trying to do really loose low ponytails, so I don't pull out anymore hair and at night I don't sleep with it in a ponytail anymore. My hopes are that if i can get a good hair-cut that maybe I will feel more comfortable leaving it down.

Thanks for all your advise.
I would not have your hair longer than shoulder length because the longer the hair is the fine the hair looks, according to my hair dresser. I would get some layers put into your hair to decrease the access bulk in the hair. I was scared to get my hair short (shoulder length) but it actually I like it a lot better. I get my comments on my hair now. My hair is naturally very thin and curly. I find it easier to take care of. remember if you do not like the hair cut, the hair will eventually grow back.
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My hair has really thinned over time because of thyroid and medication issues. I wear it in a chin length, inverted bob. If it gets any longer, it looks thin and straggly. At this length, it's fuller and not too bad. You still see scalp where the clumps form--but it has volume and I get compliments. So, I know it's at the right length.
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I have the same problem right now....very thin, fine hair. I lost a lot of weight and it took its toll on my hair. It was always fine and thin but not like this. When I let it air dry and you look at me face on, you can see through my hair. Hate it. It has stopped thinning but will take a while to grow back in. You can see where its growing so I know it will be okay eventually. I was wondering also about whether to get it cut even shorter. As it is...its about and inch below my ears. And no matter what I put on to give it definition, it looks crispy. And if I don't put anything on, then it has no definition and its frizzy. When pulled straight the layers are about 4 inches long. Any help greatly appreciated.

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