super thin unhealthy strands of hair, and wat does water have to do with it?

i have alot of hair on my head, but my problem is that it is soooooooooo thin, that i am afraid that even just simple things will tear and damage it. my thin hair is part of the reason why my hair is so dry, and with out product it loks sooooooo unhealthy and its not even curly. my new growth seems to be healthier. but its not alot. i take hair, skin and nails vitamins [] but i just started so no change. is there anything i can do to thicken and streghtin my strands of hair?

and does your intake of water help?
I honestly do think that being in great health helps a lot. I also have very thin hair, and try to nourish it from within. I need protein in my diet, and my hair likes it too. I use a protein conditioner every two days. It feels a lot better. I think you need a great conditioner, I am thinking one that his VERY moisturizing. I don't know if you are CG, but I also used this stuff from Bosley hair care. It was the nourish for visibly thinning hair, the ones in the orange bottle. I LOVED it, and it really helped me. It sadly has cones in it, so I have discontinued use. I will use it once a month still.

Best to you, I hope you figure out what will work to thicken it up some. I totally know how you are feeling.

<<-working my way back to this!!
My hair when I was 17 and had no idea how to flatten it.

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