does having your hair colored change it any....

I have 100% completely natural hair, its very fine. I am a 3b. I was told by a hair dresser that coloring or highlighting my hair would change the texture, giving it more "volume" not necessarily making it straighter. Has anyone had any experience with this?
I'm a 3b with fine hair as well and I haven't noticed any differences since I started getting it colored. If anything, I'd say my hair is looking healthier since I started using gentler products on it and getting it trimmed regularly, but I haven't noticed any changes in volume.
I used to get my hair colored professionally with permanent color and stopped 3 years ago. I definitely had more volume when I colored.
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My hair looks a bit thicker when highlighted. The different colors adds depth and texture and can help hide the scalp.
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I have very fine, thin hair and I get it colored every 4 weeks. I have very silver/salt&pepper natural hair and I dye it dark brown. I started getting silver threads in 8th grade (thanks Dad!). I do know that the color treated hair is thicker than the grey. For curl, Im curly from the roots out and dont notice a difference between the grey and colored sections. My hair is curlier the longer I grow it. Ive had highlights and it made the highlighted parts look and act like straw. Now I just get one color done, and my hair looks very healthy. The grey parts fade a bit and where I had it highlighted also fade a bit, so it has depth.
I have 100% completely natural hair, its very fine. I am a 3b. I was told by a hair dresser that coloring or highlighting my hair would change the texture, giving it more "volume" not necessarily making it straighter. Has anyone had any experience with this?
Originally Posted by Spin
I think that getting highlights were the worse thing that I ever did to my hair. It made my hair less curlier. I have highlighted strands that are now almost straight. I would never do it again.
More Hair Volume: Hair Frictional Interactions

Temporarily increasing hair friction also helps increase volume and fullness. There are four ways to temporarily increase friction:

1. Clean your hair
Your hair's natural oils or sebum can build up over time, making your hair more slippery, reducing friction and making hair go limp.

Hair Science Advice
Cleaning these oils off with a volume-building shampoo will restore your hair's natural friction and give you the best start at creating long-lasting volume.

2. Use hair stylers like mousse and gel
Styling gels and mousses actually temporarily increase friction during styling to help you achieve and keep your style. They go into your hair as a smooth film but as the film partially dries they go through a tacky or sticky phase. This helps you hold your hair into shape while you finish drying your hair. Once the film is completely dry, it is smooth once again.

3. Hair color treatment
Another way to increase friction is to color treat your hair. Research has shown that bleaching can increase surface friction by as much as 1/3. Color treating your hair changes the chemistry of your cuticle - the important outer layer of the hair shaft. This change in chemistry makes the hair less slippery, increasing friction and making your hair feel and look fuller. Be careful - too much bleaching or excessive coloring can make your hair so rough that it becomes hard to detangle and more susceptible to damage.

4. Teasing or backcombing your hair
Teasing or combing your hair backwards from tip to root will rough up the cuticle, drastically increasing friction. This temporarily creates loads of volume but is very dangerous to your hair shaft over time. Teasing causes the cuticle layers to roll and peel up.

Hair Style Advice
You might be willing to tease your hair once in a while for a special occasion, but repeated teasing will cause serious hair damage. One alternative to teasing is to use hairspray on the roots of dry hair before styling to give some of the same benefits of increased friction as teasing without damaging the hair cuticle.

Hair volume created via friction alone can collapse over time as wind, head-shaking or other forms of disruption move around your hair. It is a house of cards that can be sealed into place with the right styling products.

*Clarence R. Robbins, Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair. 4th Edition, 2002 (New York), 444.
I used to colour my hair and have highlights and it looked thicker but it wasn't healthy and it would not grow. I decided to stop colouring my hair so it would grow longer which it did but then despaired because it looked thin.

Solution? I decided after two years of research and thinking about it to put henna in my head and it's one of the best things I ever did. I've only done one application but my hair is starting to look thicker already.

I'm getting the benefits of colour but in a more natural and healthy way. It's not for everyone though and I suggest you do research before taking the plunge!

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