Receding hairline and styling front part of hair

Does anyone here have any tips on styling/clipping the front section of one's hair. Mine is so thin and flat and it must cover my receding hairline. Id there an ideal length to make it look thicker?

I am hoping it is my thyroid causing it but in the meantime I must deal with it!
Mine is a little receding at the very front and what I do is part my hair slightly to the side. The I after about 1/2 and inch I part is diagnol on the other side of my head.

I do this bc my widows peak is thin, and I have to part it in the front on certain side because or else it wont stay flat there, and the other side of my head has thicker hair....err.

Play with ur hair u will figure it out.

Usually what works best for this is a side part, but not too much to the side. Make sure u still have enough hair hanging down to cover ur temples.
Thanks Floridacurlygirl! Your ideas are good ones. I wish we could just grow back our hair in our temple area though!
It can be hormonal..for example having too much testosterone in a woman's body can cause hair thinning, baldness, and even facial hair. You should check that out, I know a friend that did and in was a hormonal imbalance.
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