Curl Keeper makes hair look thick

I just started wearing my natural hair curly about a month ago. I have purchased every product out there. (almost). I got my hair cut and styled at christos first. I used there products, then started experimenting. I'm a 4a with good density in the back fair on the sides and thinner on top. Some parts of my hair are 3c so when I used products like miss jessies or kinky curly, they make my curls thin, not chunky. No clumping.
Last week I purchased Curl Keeper. It says to put it on soaking wet hair. Most people say you need another product for hold. So I decided to use curl keeper and AG recoil, which I love.
So, in the shower I go, I washed out all product with shampoo, conditioned, and then added the curl keeper. They say use a lot and I did. The product immediately makes my hair clump. I wish I could stop right there (maybe I could, but haven't tried yet). I bend over and scrunch it in. I have a head full of clumpy coily curls. Then I add about a quarter size of AG recoil (this stuff turns your fine hair into clumpy coils), rub my hands together and scrunch that in upside down. I have some 4a kinks in the back, so I add a little more there. Then I spray a little sheaMoisture thickening moisture mist (you really don't need to do this step. I do it sometimes)
And you have a head full of clumpty coils. Your hair is not flat to your head because you have product on it that makes your fine thin hair too straight. You actually have volume.
I tried all of Miss Jessies, Kinky curly, Shea Moisture, Curlisto, Curls, Eco Styler Gel, and a ton of other stuff. This is the only thing that gives me clumps. Oh, and I found out something else today. Herbal Essence Totally twisted curl conditioner will start the clumping process before you even apply curl keeper. I did a test today, first co washing with totally twisted, then with deva one. I could definitely see the difference. Devaone gave me separated thing curls, Totaly twisted clumped them up.
I have a good curl pattern of 4a twists and coils with a lot of 3c, I think.
Also, you can get a kick ass fro with this process. In the shower after applying the curl keeper, I got out and used my denman brush. Then I applired the AG recoil. I wasn't going for a fro, I just wanted to see what would happen with the brush. I got a big curly fro with separated clumpy curls. I rocked it at work, and loved it. And even though I added a part during product application (just the way I applied, not with a comb) I didn't really get a part and that worked well for a fro.
I am in the process of investigating some Indian herbs for hair growth and hair loss. I'll post after I see how they work. I also read that Jamaican black castor oil was good for hair. There's a youtube video by queen1 (I think) that talks about it.
I just wanted to share because I know how frustrating it can be when your hair is thin. I think wearing it curly can hide the thinest, and I think not using chemicals can thicken your hair. That's just my opinion.
I tried Curl Keeper awhile ago. I liked it too. It gave me bigger, fluffier curls than I get with other products. My hair was also soft after using it.

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