Ffff I'm only 20!

I have 3b hair. That's all I know really other than the fact that it doesn't absorb oils to well. I don't know if it's porus or not etc.

I've been having thinning hair since about 10 I think? Now, it's gotten really bad. I think it's because when I was little my mom didn't know how to deal with my hair so she'd just brush it out and put it in a super super tight braid everyday.

I need to get this under control. I started taking 1 multi vitamin, 1 calcium suppliment, 2 biotins (1000 mg) and 1 hair growth suppliment (you're supposed to take three a day but I'm keeping it at 1 -- just a really generic one nature's whatever I got it at walmart).

Haven't been using shampoo, only a baking soda mix if I need it.

What else should I do? I want to get this under control. I've noticed a lot of shedding of my baby hairs, should I start doing a protein treatment?
you should see a doctor to determine whether it's falling out form the root (follicle damage),hair shedding, or breakage.

lurk around the growth forums until you find something useful for you.until your appointment.

are you natural? if not, nows the best time to start.

4a/b-whatever! with a twa
hair properties: fine,porous,dense
SheaMoisture Coconut hibiscus Line

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